Birthday Flying Adventure

Today I get to add another page into my “Flying Adventures” mini album, which is awesome because that means I’m actually up to date on that album. Whew, I feel like I’m never able to say that about my albums ;).

This flying adventure was really special to me because it was on my birthday and the coastline view was amazing. I get more and more comfortable with being in the air with each flight we go on, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing things from this unique vantage point (which is part of what makes these experiences so wonderful). It’s been a crazy adventure for our family as O has gone through the process of getting his pilot’s license and now on to getting additional ratings, but it’s not lost on me how lucky our family is to have these experiences.

The video below is the process for how this page came together. These travel journal process videos are kind of starting to feel like video diary entries, which I love.

Happy Crafting!