Some very special news

2017-10-13 03.58.20 1.jpgI’m super excited to share this special news today! It’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway into this little peanut’s development.  She is already so loved and we can’t wait to meet her early next year! :)

Love and Peace

VegasWhen I first started this post my intention was to share photos of the roadtrip O and I went on last week when we traveled to Aspen, CO.  However, sitting down and thinking about the last stop on our trip has me feeling so emotional and my heart feels like this post needs to go in a different direction.

Like everyone, I’m completely heartbroken about what happened in Vegas last weekend.  I can’t watch the news without tearing up, and knowing that O and I were eating dinner in the Mandalay Bay only 5 hours before this horrific event took place gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.   I can’t imagine what the victims and their families must be going through.

The importance of love, peace, and joy is needed now more than ever, and I do plan to share happy photos from our trip and lots more projects right here on the blog very soon, but at this moment I just needed to send this out into the world.  If you need a hug in light of all that has been going on in the world lately please know that I am sending you a virtual one right now.

I want to end this post with a song that I heard for the first time only a few days ago. It gave me peace in a moment when I was feeling pretty sad so I’d like to share it here.

Dear Hate by Maren Morris:

Dear Hate
I saw you on the news today
Like a shock that takes my breath away
You fall like rain, cover us in drops of pain
I’m afraid that we just might drown

Dear Hate
Well, you sure are colorblind
Your kiss is the cruelest kind
You could poison any mind
Just look at mine
Don’t know how this world keeps spinning ’round and ’round

Dear Hate
You were smiling from that Selma bridge
In Dallas, when that bullet hit and Jackie cried
You pulled those towers from the sky
But even on our darkest nights
The world keeps spinning ’round

Dear Love
Just when I think you’ve given up
You were there in the garden when I ran from your voice
I hear you every morning through the chaos and the noise
You still whisper down through history and echo through these halls
And tell me love’s gonna conquer all

Feed Your Craft Creative Team


I’m so excited to be sharing this news today! I’ve been a huge fan of all of the fun products in Elise’s Feed Your Craft (FYC) shop ever since I first stumbled across her Instagram account.  If you follow me on Instagram or frequent this blog then you’ve probably seen lots of cute FYC mini flair all over my projects :)  I’m looking forward to many more fun projects ahead!

There are many other very talented ladies joining the creative team too, so hopefully you have a chance to stop by their accounts as well.

A special project for my 29th year

29album229album5Right around my birthday this year (in August) I started thinking about what kind of special project I could work on to help me capture this final year in my twenties.  I wanted to do something a little more personal than Project Life (PL), something that would capture my personal stories, feelings, and basically just record who I am at this time in my life.

Initially I had very little direction for this project.  I figured this would be a bit of an art journal and I’d just throw things in as I felt inspired.  Bad plan.  If I know one thing about myself its that if I don’t start with some kind of plan, the whole project just fades away.


I let this project sit for almost a month and then inspiration hit in the form of the latest Story Kit by Ali Edwards.  The ‘Me’ story kit is perfect for self-reflection! It was exactly what I needed to get this project going.

I started with the general “About Me” page which was easy enough to complete.  I’m generally not much of a journaler, so this was a good warm up :)


Next up, I created this fun 2×2 square pocket layout using some of the messy circles and sentiments that came in the digital kit along with some fun wood veneer shapes.  I don’t want this journal to only be about journaling and self-reflection.  I plan to throw in plenty of design/just for fun pages as well, because that’s where I feel that my personality has the most potential to shine through.


Okay, next for the journaling. I took my time filling out these “Facts About Me” and “This I Love” cards and then tucked them into a bag (hidden behind the photo), which acted as a little hidden pocket.  Not so practical, but how fun is a pocket that makes this journal a little more interactive. ;-)29album1I think one of the biggest helpers for someone like me who is always wondering, ‘what should I write?’ is the prompt stickers.  These prompts are hopefully going to keep me consistent with updating my journal over the next 10 months.  My plan is to take one prompt every couple of weeks or so and do some writing!  I’m thinking this will get me into a rhythm of not only updating my journal, but also adding in the other bits and pieces that I love so much.


I’m not quite sure how much of this journal I’ll be sharing here (we’ll see how personal it gets ;) but I’ll probably do a quick update in a few months and then again after my 30th birthday.

Have you ever attempted to make a personal journal?  What did this type of project look like for you?

Life as of Late >> 01


Drinking >> Water.  Lots and lots of water these days, especially with the current heat wave hitting Southern California!

Watching >> Bobs Burgers and New Girl . . . I’m a fan of anything lighthearted that makes me laugh.

Reading >> Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter.  I’m only about 50 pages in, but so far its pretty good!

Making >> My Little Summer Joy traveler’s notebook.  I finished my cover, picked up some basic supplies, and now I can’t wait to add content to the inside!  If you’re interested in joining a fun and FREE class to help you record your summer memories, you can find more information here.

Feeling >> Grateful for the puppy that is currently curled up at my feet.

Hoping >> To take a quick trip up to Portland in August.  If you have any recommendations for places to see/eat, I’d love to hear them!

Trying >> To get back into my workout schedule (story of my life).  So far so good.  I recently discovered the awesomeness of Spotify workout playlists, so my treadmill run just got a lot less boring ;-)

Our Little Golden Nugget

2016-05-12 08.32.08 3.jpg

I can hardly believe that 4 weeks have passed since we brought this pup home.  Yesterday marked this little guy’s 13-week birthday! With that being said I think it’s time to introduce Nugget here on the blog.

I’ve been puppy over-gramming on instagram, but haven’t had a chance to share the news here yet . . . turns out puppies are just a little (okay, a whole lot!) of work!  Totally worth it for those cute puppy eyes and fur baby snuggles though.  We love him.

Thanks for letting me share our sweet news with you today!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

IMG_6928Last year was our first year hosting our families for Thanksgiving.  I can’t really take major hosting credit here because while we had the meal at our house it was more of a potluck style gathering.  Our families ended up making most of the side dishes because they’re awesome like that, O took on the Turkey (did I mention how sweet my husband is :-), and I took on the decorations (my favorite part, of course) and the crock pot mashed potatoes.

While I’d love to have our families over for many more Thanksgivings in the future and actually treat them to dinner instead of having them cook most of it, I’m really happy that this year we’ll be gathering at my parents’ house to enjoy the day.  I’m so looking forward to spending the day with my family and eating a delicious meal together.

From our family to yours, have an amazing Thanksgiving!

P.S. In case you’re in need of an easy and fun DIY for place setting cards for Thanksgiving or any dinner parties this season you might like this post from last year!

20 Goals for my 28th Year

IMG_5197As I write this blog post it is my birthday, but since this post will go up tomorrow (Wednesday) let me just say so far I’m digging this new year.  My sister mentioned to me over the weekend that 28 is the perfect number (mathematically speaking, at least) so at least we’re off to a good start!

Today I’m really excited to share my new birthday goals for this year.  This is now my third year creating this type of goals list and I have to say that every year I love this challenge a little more.  Not only do I push myself out of my bubble to complete the goals, but I also learn more about myself and what steps I need to take to achieve the things I really want.

This year I have 20 goals that are a mixed bag of easy, challenging, and just for fun.  Should be a great year :-)

Here we go!

  1. Cook two new meals every month
  1. Visit a new country
  1. Make a summer bucket list
  1.  Finish the yoga for 30 days challenge
  1.  Read 12 new books
  1. Complete #weekinthelife 
  1. Become fluent in Spanish
  1. Mail birthday cards
  1. Take a weekend trip to San Diego
  1. Do the Whole 30
  1. Create early morning creative habits
  1. Go hiking in a National Park
  1. Complete a monthly Instagram challenge.
  1. Host a Dinner Party
  1. Take 3 new Skillshare classes
  1. Design a personal business card
  1. Fill the walls of our house with artwork, pictures, and other loveliness
  1. Plant a small herb garden (and try very hard to keep it alive!)
  1. Crochet a blanket
  1. Try 6 new coffee shops

This year I’ll be Instagramming my goals progress with the hashtag “SZBirthdayGoals.”  If things go well I should have lots of photos of delicious meals, fun adventures, and pretty projects by next August :-)

Have you made any goals for yourself this year?  How is your progress going? I’d love to hear about it!

P.S. If you missed my roundup of 27 goals from last year, I wrote this blog post to recap everything.

27 Goals: The Finish Line

20150606_150025Moment of truth!  Right before my 27th birthday last year I wrote down and shared 27 goals I wanted to achieve that year.  Now that I’m approaching my 28th birthday it’s time for me to take a look at the goals I achieved and the ones I have yet to cross off.  Here we go!

1.  Take a Photography ClassTook this one and found it very interesting

2. Visit a new Country: Canada trip Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

3. Improve my wardrobe: Yes!  After doing a capsule wardrobe last Fall I purged so many things.  I’ve slowly added more clothes that I know I’ll wear again and again, but my closet is much more manageable and feels just right.

4. Simplify the items in my life (embrace minimalism): This is a constant effort.  For anyone interested in approaching minimalism, this blog is a fantastic resource.

5. Sign up for a kickboxing class

6. Practice yoga more frequently– It’s still not a regular thing, but I did kick it up a notch this year. Next year I’m planning to do the 30 Day yoga challenge.

7. Set up an Etsy Shop

8. Start Juicing

9.  Host an awesome Friendsgiving

10.  Continue to work on Project Life Consistently  It’s been a little on and off but I’m so happy to be back on track :-)

11. Make a vacation video

12. Make a video tutorial

13. Make time for reading

14. Set large financial goals

15. Improve Snowboarding Skills

16. Weave something awesome

17. Become fluent in Spanish

18. Learn how to drive a manual car

19. Go kayaking or canoeing

20.  Make Curry

21. Go to three concerts

22. Have a picnic

23. Go camping

24. Take a cooking class

25. Worry Less: This is really hard to determine, but I really like that I included it on my list.  I feel like I’m constantly reminding myself to just take things one at a time and focus on the present.  Sometimes I’m successful, and other times are just really tough.

26. Go to a comedy show

27. Be more kind to my body

I do wish that I had been able to cross off every item- how awesome would that have been?!  However, list or no list this has still been such a great year, and I’m convinced that next will be even better!

Have you been working on checking off goals?  If you have I’d love to hear about it!