Let’s Get Digital with Citrus Twist Kits


Hi Friends,

Today I’m up on the Citrus Twist Kits blog sharing how I used this month’s digital cut apart sheet in my traveler’s notebook.  These cut aparts work so great with this month’s pocket life kit, and the whole set is free!

You can check out how the page came together here.


The Chop

SZ_TN3.jpgChopping off my hair last month was not a very hard decision to come to . . . my daughter’s tiny fingers, constant 100+ degree temperatures, no patience for styling . . . need I say more? :)

SZ_TN3_Detail1.jpgI feel like I’ve spent most of the last 10 years with short hair, but this last cut was a pretty big chop since I hadn’t cut it since before getting pregnant.  In any case, I felt like this was a story I wanted to get documented in my personal TN.  I’m so happy I decided to snap a before photo so I could create a little before/after flip up photo!

SZ_TN3_Detail2.jpgIf you’d like to see how this simple page came together, there is a process video below!

Traveler’s Notebook Process | To The Moon And Back

18166827-2483-4A52-8F65-8E889E19B44C.jpgThe Traveler’s Notebook page I’m sharing today might just be my favorite page to date! Besides the sweet photo, the monochromatic color scheme with the little pops of light pink are making up my current favorite color combo!

6ED5DB9B-E81F-4523-B496-B3715ECFC1DF.jpgD0DE9985-128B-4AB5-B267-21FD9A6154A7.jpgIf you’d like to see how this page came together there’s a process video at the end of this post. :)


Products Used:
Felicity Jane papers and embellishments
Bowie Alpha Stamp Set

Some of my favorite crafting supplies

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Dream Come True


For the love of traveler’s notebooks! Currently I have two TNs in rotation to document Felicity’s first year.  The first is her 4-6 month TN to document what’s currently going on, while the other is going back in time to when she was first born (this notebook will cover birth to two months).  It’s pretty fun going back and forth between the two and seeing  how much she has grown!

064479CF-B9F9-485B-B4E0-4E29A526B425.jpgToday’s page highlights the first photo we sent out to family and friends after she was born.  Its definitely a very special page, and it opens her first TN insert!

A4341051-C1FA-46CE-B11F-4DAA6090127C.jpgIf you’d like to see how this video came together you can check out the video below! :)


All the Heart Eyes


How is this little one already 4 months old?!  At this stage Felicity is just the smiliest, happy baby.  She has started laughing a lot and loves having little conversations with just about everyone.   She’s getting more and more curious about her surroundings and I can see those little wheels turning as she figures new things out every day.

A2A52BBF-DD2E-4C73-A314-DE9723F994CF.jpg4 months also marks the start of a new Traveler’s Notebook coming into rotation as I continue to document her first year in this format.  For this layout I decided to use a full page photo with a foldout.  It’s super simple, but I’m so happy with how it turned out!

414A72CF-15F7-4BB9-B734-0C87EB0D4568.jpgIf you’d like to see how it came together, feel free to check out the video below :)

June 2018 TN Flipthrough

394F6964-1DC6-4D32-9EEA-1051FCEB51A1 (1).jpgHappy Friday!

Today I’m excited to share a little flipthrough of my latest TN insert that I recorded all of my June memories in.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been using the Studio Calico Traveler’s Notebook (along with the monthly subscription kit) to record personal stories or things that don’t end up in my project life album (things like what I’m loving, reading, gratitudes, etc.)

It was so fun filling this notebook up last month!

If you’re interested in purchasing your own Studio Calico TN kit, you can find it here.

Tastes Like Summer


What are your favorite stories to document?  I’d say that aside from documenting my daughter, food and travel always rank incredibly high on the list.  There’s just something about food and travel photos that inspires my creativity in a special way, and I’m always eager to get crafty so I can get those stories into my notebook or onto my scrapbook page!ABF3F64F-032F-4709-A135-3EB39E25A900.jpg

Today’s layout is all about food, but more specifically our first BBQ of the summer.  I always love when O grills something up, but I feel like steaks and hamburgers are his specialty.  This burger was a treat so I knew I needed to get it into my notebook.

272AA3B9-4315-4E8B-8DBE-786C5824FF3B.jpgIf you’d like to see a process video of how this page came together, just click below!

Traveler’s Notebook Process| Jurassic World


I have so many happy memories of going to see big blockbuster movies in the summer when I was younger.  It was always fun to escape the heat for a couple of hours and get wrapped up in some big, epic story.  It felt like summer really wasn’t complete without waiting in line to see at least one big film.  Is anyone with me on this?

62C5B006-7F91-471D-AC2A-084543D06B1E.jpgLast month when Omar and I went to see Jurassic World, it felt just like that . . . like we were taking part in some special summer tradition, and I definitely wanted to get it documented in my traveler’s notebook! :)

22BAF7E7-A06E-4B6B-8555-4235172C029A.jpgFor this page I used my July Studio Calico traveler’s notebook, which already had this jungle looking pattern paper inside.  After fussy cutting out a title to adhere on the left side I created a cluster of embellishments around the photo on the right.  This page was so fun to work on and I definitely think I’ll be using movie poster photos for some inspiration on future layouts!

4B02E64C-1E36-4C01-B9B6-71BF6465B2DC.jpgIf you’d like to see the whole process behind this page there is video for it below!

Products used:

(note: only products that are currently available are linked below):

> Studio Calico July 2018 TN

> Studio Calico max outlined alpha stamp

> Kelly Purkey movie stamp

> Feed Your Craft Pattern Play Stamp

> Ticket ephemera (from the July 2018 Citrus Twist Pocket Life kit)

> Thumbs up Epoxy Sticker (from the July 2018 Citrus Twist Embellishment kit).

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Traveler’s Notebook Flipthrough | Felicity: 2-3 Months

E7EDE347-7068-4BBC-A031-0172DE7C9D3A.jpgHello, and happy Friday!

Today I’m so excited to share a flipthrough of a completed Traveler’s Notebook with you!

73A3726C-6DC8-45EE-B904-61592B408E1D (2).jpegAbout one month after Felicity was born I started thinking about how I wanted to document her stories.  I really liked the idea of documenting in a Traveler’s Notebook because each page can be as involved or as simple as you’d like.  For me, the most important thing was to get some photos off my phone and into a book where I could journal about what was going on.  These are details I definitely don’t want to forget!

313C5508-CE01-4DFA-9DD7-CA45FB6915D0 (2).jpegI think a lot of times we get caught up in the idea of making a “perfect” baby album, or making sure we write down each and every detail, but for me its not about making something fancy (at least for now, ha!).  I may one day decide to take a bunch of photos and make a special digital album, but for now this is what’s working and I’m going with it :)  IMG_4287 (2).jpegCF180013-5A8F-4BB7-B103-E419E2659B63 (2).jpeg

For a full flipthrough of this notebook you can check out the video below! :)