These Are My People


Anyone else out there have a box full of unused photos?  Okay, maybe several boxes?  If you just answered “yes” let me reassure you that I totally understand.  I too have photos of every size stashed away in my closet.  Photos from High School, College, from my childhood, wedding . . . you name it and its probably in there.  This box has slowly expanded from times when I’d print duplicates, end up using an alternate photo on a project, take a photo down from somewhere- whatever the circumstance, if the photo doesn’t have a home it goes into the box.  Well, I’ve been meaning to do something with these photos for the longest time and I’m finally getting to it!

I’ve decided to start a 6×8 binder to hold mini layouts for all of my old photos.  I love that the 6×8 size is manageable and the layouts come together super quickly, plus I have so many 6×8 binders that I’ve been wanting to use, so this is the perfect opportunity!

89EA5C4C-B29A-4226-832D-6244D5817034.jpgThese layouts won’t be done in chronological order by any means.  In fact, so many photos aren’t even dated that I may not be able to put that information on my scrapbook page.  The main goal for this project is to just get those old photos into an album, and have some scrapbooking fun along the way (of course!)

AD7E763C-E679-4D47-B997-4B8177A5CFD0.jpgToday I’m working with a photo from my wedding.  This photo is so special because it has four of my favorite people in it- my sister and three of my very best friends (since Middle School!)

This page came together pretty quickly (once I figured out how to cover up a giant mistake I made pretty early on :).

63AF29BD-44B0-4D94-A036-72EB8E5B31EA.jpgIf you’d like to see the full process of how this layout came together, there’s a video below!


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