All the Heart Eyes


How is this little one already 4 months old?!  At this stage Felicity is just the smiliest, happy baby.  She has started laughing a lot and loves having little conversations with just about everyone.   She’s getting more and more curious about her surroundings and I can see those little wheels turning as she figures new things out every day.

A2A52BBF-DD2E-4C73-A314-DE9723F994CF.jpg4 months also marks the start of a new Traveler’s Notebook coming into rotation as I continue to document her first year in this format.  For this layout I decided to use a full page photo with a foldout.  It’s super simple, but I’m so happy with how it turned out!

414A72CF-15F7-4BB9-B734-0C87EB0D4568.jpgIf you’d like to see how it came together, feel free to check out the video below :)

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