“Up” Story Kit™ Layout

SZayas_Up_FullLayout.jpgHi Friends!

Today I’m here to share my latest Story Kit™ layout for the Ali Edwards Digital Design Team.  I absolutely loved all the different themes that called for exploration with this month’s kit, but I decided to go the travel themed route so I could get a layout into my Travel Album!IMG_6951.jpg

If you remember me talking about my Travel Album in this previous post then you might remember me mentioning that I’d be working on documenting these trips in chronological order.  I totally went against that by working on Seattle, but the colors of these photos just worked so perfectly.  I’m constantly reminded that there are no rules in memory keeping, and the game plan can and should change to make it best work for you!  So, Seattle, here we go!SZayas_Up_Detail.jpg

Working with 9×12 is still an interesting challenge, but it’s been fun switching things up from the usual 6×12.IMG_6950.jpgIMG_6963.jpgIMG_6964.jpg

Have you broken into your <Up> Story Kit™ yet?  What stories are you telling this month?


2 thoughts on ““Up” Story Kit™ Layout

  1. I have this UP story kit so I really enjoyed seeing your PL layout using it. I was wondering how you made the arrows on the left side. The one with love this, up, and blue arrows.

    I enjoy watching your process videos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Jeanne! I used the digital version of the kit, which comes with an arrow that can be resized. Using Photoshop I colored one of them in blue, used the digital brush to stamp “up” on another, and used the digital sentiment of “love this” to fill in the third area. Hopefully one of these days I can add the digital process to my videos :)

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