Travel Album Cover ( w/ process video)

travelalbumcover1Earlier this week I shared a process video on my YouTube channel (that still feels very strange to write ;) for the cover page of a new travel album!  Today I’m finally writing out a few more details about my plan for this slightly massive undertaking of a project.

This all started a few weeks ago when I started planning out the projects I wanted to start, complete, and let go of this year.   While I’m still on a mission to complete my 2016 Project Life Album by the end of this year, I wanted to push this travel album project towards the top of my priority list.

Now, if you’ve been following my blog for awhile then you might be thinking, ‘I thought you already have a travel album.  What about all of those travel spreads I’ve seen?’ While its true that I always include a one page spread in my Project Life (PL) album for each trip, my PL album usually only includes 5 or 6 photos at most, which really only scratches the surface of the photos in my gallery.  Plus, I really want something that I can share with family and friends that doesn’t include all of the extra stuff. :)

This album (or what will probably be several albums) is a pretty massive undertaking, and is not something that I’ll be wrapping up anytime soon, but I’ve finally reached a point where I’m actually excited to start this project and not feeling completely overwhelmed.

Here’s my plan: I will be completing 2-3 trips at a time (some trips are bigger than others!) by following a few steps, which  I’ve broken down here in case you are taking on a similar project:

  1. Sort through all travel photos one trip at a time. Create folders to house ALL photos from a trip, and then a separate folder for photos to be printed.
  2. Edit photos.  I’m going to go easy on this step.  Less editing is more.  There’s a chance I could spend waaaay too much time on this step so I’m going to try to be mindful about it.
  3. Order prints from Costco.  My local Costco offers pretty decent print quality so this method is going to be a lot more cost and time effective than printing at home (my usual photo printing method)!
  4. The fun part- put it all together in my album :)

Pretty simple, right?  Somehow writing it out just helps me think more clearly!


For this project I’ll be using a 9×12 format.  I thought about going 6×12 (my go-to and favorite size) but it just felt too small for the massive quantity of photos.  Working with this new size feels a bit like putting on new shoes- kind of stiff and uncomfortable at first, but the more I work with this size the more comfortable I get.  It’s an interesting challenge!

I plan to work chronologically, so in this video you’ll see a page I started for the very first trip I took with my boyfriend (now husband) to San Luis Obispo.  img_6918There will be much more to come as I work to fill up this album with memories. img_6920-1

I hope that you enjoy this process video!


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