Project Life 2016 (May 23-29)

PL2016 May 23-29.jpgAnother week is in the books, and it feels good!  Nugget is officially taking over my album, but I’ve totally embraced the change since I don’t mind seeing his cute face on every page (who would?!).

This week’s pages are a mashup of cards, stamps, flair, and other embellishments.  It’s a busy layout for sure, but probably one of my favorites that I’ve put together recently.


Here’s how it came together:

IMG_6546.JPG(Left Side)

I kept the top left pocket pretty simple by just inserting a picture with a Kelly Purkey sticky note attached with the date.

IMG_6547.JPGIn the middle left pocket I inserted a photo of what I was currently reading and used the “coffee+books=love” stamp from this Kelly Purkey planner set to stamp directly on the image. I also added a little cork sticker from an old Studio Calico documenter kit.

In the middle right pocket I used a card from an old Studio Calico documenter kit to record a few things that I’m currently enjoying.  Anyone else into Bob’s Burgers?!  I can’t say that I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately (thanks to some really good books :)  but when I do sit down to watch something, that’s totally my show of choice!

IMG_6548.JPGIn the bottom left pocket I used a 4×6 Studio Calico card and adhered part of a different 3×4 into the corner (which I also did to the top pocket on the right side).  I’m definitely not opposed to cutting up cards and mixing them together to make my own!

IMG_6549.JPG(Right Side)

In the top right pocket I used 2 more 3×4 Studio Calico cards.  Whenever I put two cards into a 4×6 pocket I’ll either use my fuse tool to fuse the middle OR if I end up using a 4×6 card on the reverse side then I’ll just adhere my 3×4 cards onto the back of the 4×6 card/photo (hope that makes sense).   The main thing is that I don’t want my cards to slide around when turning the page.

That puppy love flair is from Feed Your Craft.  Ever since placing my first order with Feed Your Craft I’ve become addicted to flair and have started putting it on everything!!

IMG_6550.JPGIn the middle left pocket I kept things simple again by adding a little chipboard flair from Studio Calico, and in the middle right pocket I used a star stamp to embellish around the “Good Eats” sentiment on that card.

IMG_6551.JPGIn the bottom left pocket I stamped “date night” directly onto my photo and used another chipboard sticker from Studio Calico to finish it off.

Whew!  I told you there was a lot going on.  The little details are always my favorite. :)


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