Project Life 2016: May 16-22

Project Life May 16-22 Cover.jpgEvery once in awhile I toy with the idea of leaving my weekly spreads behind and jumping into monthly pages for Project Life.  In many ways it seems much simpler, but then I think of how many photos I’d have at the end of the month and I’m instantly overwhelmed (ha!).  For all of my fellow project lifers out there, do you follow a weekly or monthly format?  I’d love to know what has worked for you!

IMG_6535.JPGFor now I’m still putting together weekly spreads, and though I’ve missed a few weeks here and there, overall this project is still coming together nicely.

Today I’m sharing my layout for May 16-22.

Left Side: I dedicated the left side of my spread completely to the Saturday that I ran the Los Angeles Color Run with my friend Samantha.  This day was so fun, and thanks to Sam I ended up with some awesome pictures too :).IMG_6537.JPG

For the top pocket I used this Studio Calico “Yeah!” transparency card that I had been hoarding for awhile.  Since it was transparent I started by layering it on top of a polka dot card (you know I love me some polka dots!) but in the end I just used plain white cardstock for my background so the overall spread wouldn’t look too busy.  IMG_6538.JPG

For these 2 3×4 cards I mixed and matched 3 cards together. I cut the yellow card in half and then layered the top half on top of the blue card and the bottom half on top of the multicolored rain drop card.  The “Photographic Proof” sentiment is a stamp that came in a Studio Calico kit and the “This is How I Roll” and “Click” are from Kelly Purkey’s shop (previous collections).IMG_6539.JPG

I kept my journaling short and sweet :)IMG_6540.JPG

Right Side: I ended up creating my own filler card here.  I used plain white cardstock as my background and stamped Nugget using these alphabet stamps and then filled them in using my Stabilo pens.IMG_6541.JPG

I normally stick to printing all of my photos 3×4 or 4×6, but I had fun mixing up my usual format by printing square photos.  With square photos I was able to bring in more filler cards to use as backgrounds and therefore add some fun colors and graphics to the page- a total win!

This layout feels like summer to me.  Totally digging the bright colors I’m seeing everywhere!

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