True Friendship Looks Like This (Layout)

True Friendship Cover.jpg

Unposed pictures are always my favorites.  I’ll choose an unfocused, darkly lit, in the moment photo over a perfectly framed, posed photo any day!  The moment in this photo was about to be posed, but before the shutter closed we all cracked and this is what was captured . . . perfect. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.05.52 AM.png

For this layout I ended up printing all of my digital elements directly onto my white background cardstock since I really wanted the chevron imprint to show up even on the digital embellishments.

In the photo above you can see the way I typically work on a hybrid layout.  I will open a digital canvas in Photoshop that is the same size I want my final layout to be, and then start bringing in my digital elements so I can resize them and see how they’ll look on my final page once they’re printed.  I usually cut out most/all of my digital pieces and then adhere them to my background page, but for this layout I got to skip that step!SZayas_FriendsJC_FullLayout.jpgSZayas_FrienshipJC_Detail2.jpgSZayas_FriendsJC_Detail1

I finished my layout off by adding a tag with my handwritten journaling and some of these circle embellishments that came in the Ali Edwards Day in the Life kit (the digital version of the kit is available here).

Other Product(s) Used:

Friends Journal Cards by Ali Edwards

Happy Thursday!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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