Wild (Story Kit Layout)

WildCover.jpgFor last month’s ‘Wild’ story theme (the awesome monthly kit by Ali Edwards) I decided to document a fun adventure that my husband and I went on early last year.  I’ve actually already documented this story in a layout, but it just seemed to work so well with this kit that I decided to go with it anyways.  There are no rules to this craft and I figure as long as I’m enjoying the process then it’s never time poorly spent.


All of the little icons, cards, and sayings in this set are so good.  I wanted to fit everything in, but with limited space I just had to choose some favorites that felt appropriate for the layout.SZayas_Wild_Detail2.jpgIMG_6380.JPG

The grid layout always allows me extra space for more photos and embellishments (which I’m all about!) IMG_6383.JPG

A simple tag card with my journaling finished this layout off.

Anyone else super excited for next month’s “Read” theme?  I will have no shortage of stories to document with that theme! :)

Current Crafting Favorites

Favorites Cover

One of my guilty pleasures in life is viewing other bloggers’/youtub-ers monthly favorites posts.  I’ve picked up so many ideas for makeup, clothing, scrapbooking, and many other purchases by hearing other people rave about the products they are loving!  More often then not I find some really great gems.  So today, I thought I’d share some of my own favorites.  These aren’t specific to any given month.  Some are old and some new or new-to-me, but they are all things I’ve been loving and grabbing for a lot lately!

IMG_6416First up is this coloring book.  This particular book is one that I purchased for my Mom for mother’s day.  Before wrapping it up I had a lot of fun flipping through each and every page checking out the beautiful and intricate designs.  It won’t be long before I purchase my own coloring book(s).  I think I may go for this one.  Also, I’m pretty sure this is going to be sitting on my desk next year.IMG_6417

I’m a big fan of Archival inks.  They work great for stamping on photos, and I love the clear and vivid print I get every single time.  I use black ink for about 90% of my stamping, but lately I’ve started branching out.  Over the last several months I’ve collected these colors and I’m thrilled with how great they look together!  See them in action here :)

(Colors in the photo above are: Plum, Tea Rose, Fern Green, and Sky Blue)


My next set of favorites should be classified under “limited edition” since they are sadly no longer available for purchase.   So, why include them if you can’t click over to purchase?!! I wanted to mention this Spring Break kit that was available in the Kelly Purkey shop in March because my admiration for this kit goes well beyond this specific design.  I’ve been a fan of Kelly Purkey’s stamps for years, but this was my first time buying a kit that came with cards.  These cards are top quality. The cardstock is really think, and the print quality? I think you can see for yourself how awesome it is by seeing that gradient effect on the Vacation Mode card.

I also couldn’t not mention this Ali Edwards roller date (and time!) stamp.  I don’t use a lot of roller stamps, but if you’re ever planning to do a Day in the Life or Week in the Life project, I feel like this is one of those product staples.  Fingers crossed Ali brings it back to her shop again soon :)


I find myself using my Fiskars 1″ circle punch pretty frequently for punching around smaller printed designs.  This is one layout that I used it on quite a bit for trimming out embellishments.

I’ve also found myself grabbing for my Tombo multi glue a lot lately for adhering down tiny little embellishments.  The tiny tip applicator makes it idea for small things, and the glue itself works really well.


And finally, more Kelly Purkey products (ha!) . . . however, this time I’ve got you covered with some fun stuff that’s still available for purchase!  I’ve been reading a lot more lately, so I’ve found myself grabbing this stamp set for documenting all of the great books I’ve discovered.  Also, these stickies work great on just about every project.

I’d love to know what some of your favorites are! Do you have any go-to items, or do you find yourself always switching things up?

True Friendship Looks Like This (Layout)

True Friendship Cover.jpg

Unposed pictures are always my favorites.  I’ll choose an unfocused, darkly lit, in the moment photo over a perfectly framed, posed photo any day!  The moment in this photo was about to be posed, but before the shutter closed we all cracked and this is what was captured . . . perfect. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.05.52 AM.png

For this layout I ended up printing all of my digital elements directly onto my white background cardstock since I really wanted the chevron imprint to show up even on the digital embellishments.

In the photo above you can see the way I typically work on a hybrid layout.  I will open a digital canvas in Photoshop that is the same size I want my final layout to be, and then start bringing in my digital elements so I can resize them and see how they’ll look on my final page once they’re printed.  I usually cut out most/all of my digital pieces and then adhere them to my background page, but for this layout I got to skip that step!SZayas_FriendsJC_FullLayout.jpgSZayas_FrienshipJC_Detail2.jpgSZayas_FriendsJC_Detail1

I finished my layout off by adding a tag with my handwritten journaling and some of these circle embellishments that came in the Ali Edwards Day in the Life kit (the digital version of the kit is available here).

Other Product(s) Used:

Friends Journal Cards by Ali Edwards

Happy Thursday!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Day in the Life 2016

DITL Cover.jpgThis was the first year that I successfully completed a Day in the Life #DITL project and fully documented it.  To my amazement it was totally doable!  A few things have held me back in previous years- the desire to have perfect photos, feeling “weird” about taking everyday photos in public (does anyone else have this problem?), and feeling overwhelmed with the documenting process.

Today I’d like to share my book and also talk about how I overcame those things that held me back before.

Photo quality:  Before I went into the day I already knew that I’d probably end up taking 100% of my photos on my phone camera (which I did).  This actually worked out really well.  I was able to edit all of my photos with the VSCO app instead of fiddling with things in Photoshop, which for me is a much longer process.  I also told myself that if the lighting was horrible in more than a few photos I’d give myself permission to turn all photos to Black and White.  I didn’t end up going that route, but I think that also could have looked really cool!

Taking everyday photos in public: I’m a shy person so I still struggle with feeling self-conscious when I’m  taking everyday snapshots in public sometimes.   I know that people don’t really care what I’m taking photos of, but it can still hold me back from taking photos sometimes (especially when I’m out and about by myself).  I constantly have to remind myself that the reason I’m taking a photo is far more important than what a stranger thinks (or probably isn’t even thinking anyways).

Documenting process: I had every intention of making a 4×4 mini book for this project, but when I couldn’t find page protectors at my local Hobby Lobby I just changed direction instead of getting frustrated.  I have so many midori traveler sized notebooks so I decided to make that my format.  It ended up being less expensive, and the whole process just felt easier and more documenter-ish.  I found myself writing more and looking through my stash for little bits and bobs to add.

It ended up being a super enjoyable process, which is what it’s all about :)


Supplies Used:

Ali Edwards Day in the Life kit (digital version can be purchased here)

Random Studio Calico washi tape, alpha stickers, and journaling cards

My Traveler’s notebook was a really inexpensive one I purchased at Michaels (in a 3-pack).  However, I LOVE the Midori ones too!

In a Creative Bubble documenter card