Project Life 2016 (February 8-14)

PL 2.8-14

Today’s layout is one that almost didn’t get made.  This was a week that I felt like I didn’t really have enough photos to fill my pages.  All of the activities from the week seemed so “normal” that I didn’t know if I had enough words to fill in the spaces without photos.  Do you ever have those weeks?  Those weeks when you wonder if its even worth documenting?  I sometimes find myself in that place, but I’ve found that even when only the most mundane things happen all week long, it’s still worth document.  Even if I can’t find the reason why in that moment, I’m still always satisfied when a week’s layout is done.IMG_6369

I’m so happy that I decided to print the few photos that I did snap that week and that I grabbed some of my favorite cards, stamps, and embellishments to fill these pages.  In the end it all came together nicely.IMG_6370

These cards by In a Creative Bubble make the perfect filler cards in any layout!  I also love that I wrote down some of my “currents.”  I definitely don’t do this often enough, but its going to be really fun to look back years from now to see what was being enjoyed at this time in my life.   IMG_6366IMG_6368IMG_6367IMG_6371Simple and very pink.  I can’t tell you how happy that combination makes me :)

Project Life 2016 (March 28-April 3)

PL 3.28-4.3.jpgI’m a little behind on sharing my Project Life spreads here on the blog, but if I’m being completely honest I’m also behind on my Project Life spreads in general.  In the last month I’ve lost some steam on putting together weekly layouts, and as I’ve mentioned before I’m not someone who likes to go back more than a couple of weeks, so it kind of is what it is.  Despite the album gaps, I still love this project.  On the days that I sit down to fill in my album, I always find myself loving the process all over again.

So, onward we go.  Today I’m sharing a more recent layout of the week of March 28, which features mostly digital elements from Ali’s Outside Journal Card set that released earlier this month.  Most of the photos from this week had to do with being outside so there were a lot of plant/garden photos.  These cards coordinated so perfectly . . . it’s almost like Ali can read my mind on what I’m needing for memory keeping! ;-)SZayas_OutsideJC_FullLayout.jpg

SZayas_OutsideJC_Detail2.jpgSZayas_OutsideJC_Detail1.jpgI also used a couple of stamps from the Spring Break kit by Christine Herrin for Kelly Purkey’s shop.  I don’t want to rave too much about this kit because it’s sold out and it always makes me a little sad when I see something amazing after it sells out, but seriously, this kit has awesome-sauce written all over it.  If you didn’t get it in time, don’t worry, because any stamp set you pick up by Christine or Kelly is guaranteed to be amazing!IMG_6359.JPGIMG_6361.jpgHappy Tuesday!  Hope you have/had an amazing day!