Embrace the Mess!

SZayas_Craft_FullLayoutToday I’m excited to be sharing the most recent layout I created using the February Craft Digital Story kit by Ali Edwards.

I absolutely love the idea behind this story kit.  The colors are beautiful and the sentiments are spot on!  I’ll admit, though, once I actually sat down to brainstorm project ideas I had this big realization that I’d never scrapbooked about scrapbooking.  Sure, I’ve added a few “action” shots into my project life, but I’ve never told in-depth stories (through scrapbooking) about what, or why, or how, I craft.  I’m constantly crafting about my other passions like reading, traveling, eating lol, but when it comes to making stuff I . . . well, make stuff! Ha!

I was so grateful for this month’s prompt so I could finally tell some stories about this passion that is super special to me.


I started with a photo of my desk that I originally took last year when I was working on Week in the Life.  It’s not as messy as it can sometimes get, but this shot shows a pretty typical setup of my workspace.  My journaling ended up being a letter to my desk (please tell me I’m not the only person that finds it easier to write something out when it can be formatted as a letter/note to someone or something . . . even an inanimate object)!

SZayas_Craft_Detail2Once I had my photo placed on my layout, I started to build around it using journaling card pieces and embellishments from the Craft digital story kit that I downloaded, printed, and cut to fit into the project.  I’m about to sound like a broken record right now, but one of my favorite things about using digital files is that you can resize things to make them work for whatever project you’re putting together.


 The idea of adding borders was a bit of an afterthought, which is why I chose to do them with washi tape.  If you’ve never used washi as a border I’d totally recommend it.  It’s super easy to add in, and easy to tuck under embellishments that you may have already adhered to your page ;-)

I have a list of about 9 other projects I want to create with this kit, but this is the start!

XO, Sarah

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