December Daily Share

December Daily Part 1IMG_5914After finishing up my 30 day gratitude mini book there was a part of me that was a little nervous about taking on another daily project. The greater part of me, however, was thinking “bring it on!”  This will be my first year working on a December Daily album since last year I had every intention of putting a book together, but never really got it off the ground.

Let’s do this, friends!IMG_5900

My first step in working on my album was to create my intentions page.  An intentions page is something I might normally overlook since I’m not always a huge fan of doing my own journaling (something I’m working to improve with every project). Honestly though, I found writing out my reasons for doing daily documentation during what is already the busiest time of year to be really helpful in getting in the mood for this project.  I think sometimes we can look at a project like this and see it as just one more thing, but if there’s a reason behind creating it, I know I’m much more likely to crank it out and actually enjoy the process.

IMG_5901My first story for December ended up being all about holiday lattes from Starbucks. Coffee . . . how appropriate, ha!  I’m a fan (a big, big, fan!) of the sweet holiday lattes that Starbucks offers each holiday season.  They offer such a variety that I just want to try them all!  I created a little chart for ranking my favorites (and not-so-favorites) because  I’m thinking it might be fun to see how these things change over time.IMG_5903IMG_5905IMG_5904

I’ll be documenting through at least December 26th, possibly a little longer if the festivities continue, and I’m really hoping to stay on top of this as much as possible (shooting to complete my whole album by December 31!)  I’ll be sharing updates here on the blog every Wednesday, but for many more updates, please come visit me on Instagram. . . it’s like one giant craft party over there! :-)

New to December Daily?  I’d recommend starting here :-)


P.S.  I was SUPER excited to be on the Studio Calico blog earlier this week sharing this week’s challenge.  I’d be so jazzed if you hop on over and participate.  There’s even a small prize if you win! :-)  Money to spend on scrapbooking goodies? Yes, please!

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