December Daily Part 6: Days 18-26

IMG_6104Hello Friends!  Today I’m sharing the final installment of my December Daily album: Days 18-26.  IMG_6084On Day 18 I used a photo of our outside Christmas lights.  This was our first year putting up outside lights, and while it was only a single strand, it was still pretty special and made me feel we were part of our community’s unofficial light display (most of our neighbors go all out!).IMG_6086  On Day 19 we spent time with a couple of our friends at Dave & Busters.  I used a technique Ali Edwards shared on her site earlier this month where you can create a journaling flap by simply using washi tape to adhere the tops of two cards together.  This works well when you have just one more card you want to add, but you don’t really have enough to put a whole other page together.IMG_6087Day 20 was about our trip to Knotts Berry Farm.  On the left I used a couple of photos along with this ‘Where’ card from the Ali Edwards’ main December Daily kit.  The ‘Be Joyful’ rubber banner and the 6×8 ‘Good Tidings’ card both come from the same kit. IMG_6089

IMG_6090I knew I wanted to include something about the weather we’ve been having in my album, so I used Day 21 for this. I love this ‘Weather Report’ stamp that came in the Studio Calico kit in either October or November.  When I first received it I didn’t think it would get too much use, but I’ve ended up using it on so many projects!

On Day 22 I shared the story of our simple holiday decorations.  I love this little Panda Bear card that came in the December Studio Calico Documenter kit. IMG_6093On Day 23 I shared a special holiday-inspired breakfast complete with pumpkin spice waffles with all the fixin’s

Day 24 was Christmas eve.  I could have included more photos here, but I wanted to keep this simple so I summed up my day in the journaling and added some fun photos of me in my favorite Christmas sweater and my sister’s cat who spent most of the night with her favorite Christmas present- a paper bag ;-)

IMG_6094I took a similar approach to telling my story of Christmas Day.  Instead of adding in a bunch of photos I told my story in bullet points.  I love this prompt ‘Today We . . .’  It’s so effortless to tell a story this way.

If you’d like to see how this “25” insert came together I did a post on that here.

IMG_6097Day 26 Was the final day of Christmas festivities and a perfect way to end this album!  Every year I get together with my friends of over 15 years for our annual Christmas party.  I’m thankful for my sweet friends snapping these photos- they were much more on the ball than me!IMG_6098IMG_6101On the back side of my Day 26 I pasted this 6×8 card from the Ali Edwards main kit.  My final addition was this envelope that came with the Week in the Life kit Ali offered on her site earlier this year.  It was the only envelope I could find that would fit all of our Christmas cards, but it worked perfectly.  So happy I have a place to house all of them.


If you’d like to see more pages from my December Daily album you can find my previous posts here: Cover & Foundation Pages, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.


Ali Edwards Main December Daily Kit

One Little Bird ‘Oh What Fun’ Digital Set

In a Creative Bubble ‘Good Cheer’ Digital Bundle

Studio Calico December Documenter Kit

Well friends, this wraps up my last post of 2015.  I hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year and I can’t wait to see you back here for a bunch of new and exciting projects in 2016!

December Daily Part 5: Days 12-17


I can’t believe December is already wrapping up!  How was your Christmas?  I can’t bring myself to take down our Christmas tree or other decorations just yet . . . I’ll have to slowly phase them out like I do with the Christmas tunes, ha!

When I set out to complete this December Daily project I was determined to have all of my pages done before January . . . I’m one of those people that would rather skip a week in Project Life then come back to it months later.  I knew that if I didn’t finish my album this month there was a very good chance it might not get finished ever.

Thankfully, determination won, and as I sat at my desk yesterday surrounded by an explosion of papers, wood veneers, and photos, I reaffirmed my love for this project.  Every time I work on a memory keeping project I love the process a little more.  These completed albums hold very special memories and I know that when I pull them out next year and many years down the road I’ll be thankful that I finished.

So, to those of you who are still working on completing your album(s) I say this- I know what it feels like to be behind, but whether you have completed 1 day or 20, hang in there friend.  It’ll be worth it in the end. Finish strong!

Now, without further ramblings, here are days 12-17.  Stay tuned for my final post with Days 18-26 tomorrow.


Day 12 was probably the least Christmas-y day in my album.  On this day I went to the Renegade craft fair in LA with my friend Samantha.  If you live in SoCal then you know that our weather here is anything but traditional Christmas weather.  So, my photos are all sunshine and succulents (no complaints here!)  On the left I have a number 12 card from the Studio Calico December kit and three photos I took.  On the right I used a 3×8 page protector for my title and journaling.  These black alphas come from an older Studio Calico kit.


Keeping it real on Day 13.  I wanted to include something about my workouts this month, but this page ended up being more about the lack of exercise!  Christmas Cookie season and I definitely have a love/hate relationship.


Day 14 was Omar’s and my two year wedding anniversary.  To keep things simple for this day I used the card that O gave to me as an insert.  Since it was a trifold I hole punched the card so it can be opened without removing it from the binder rings. On the back I adhered a little photo collage with some of my favorite photos from this later year,  which I assembled in photoshop.


My album already had so much bulk after only 14 days that I knew I was going to need a new album for the rest of my pages.  The photo above shows the first part of my second album.  I used this ‘December 2015’ card from the December Studio Calico kit and on the back I adhered this ‘Let it Shine’ card from the Ali Edwards main December Daily kit and added the chipboard tree and star.  IMG_6075


On Day 15 I wrote about our Christmas tree.  We actually put our tree up in late November, but I hadn’t gotten around to taking a photo until this day.  I typed my journaling directly onto my page and used this ‘Christmas Tree’ puffy sticker that came in the December Daily Main kit as my main embellishment.


I found throughout this process that my “filler days” (meaning the days that I didn’t really have a story of the day to tell) ended up being some of my favorite pages!  For Day 16 I pulled 7 of my favorite things I’ve been using this month and listed them out on this 3×8 card on the right side.


On Day 17 I included my letter to Santa.  I put my journaling on the back of the 3×8 insert I used for Day 16, and on the right I included a couple of journaling cards from a One Little Bird set along with my photos and these giant red chipboard numbers from the Ali Edwards main kit.

If you’d like to see the more pages from my December Daily album you can find my previous posts here: Cover & Foundation Pages, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.


Ali Edwards Main December Daily Kit

One Little Bird ‘Oh What Fun’ Digital Set

In a Creative Bubble ‘Good Cheer’ Digital Bundle

Studio Calico December Documenter Kit

December Daily Part 4: Days 8-11

IMG_6027Good Morning and happy day before Christmas Eve! I’m happy to be back today posting my final December Daily update before Christmas . . . can you believe Christmas is only two days away?!

This album continues to be such a joy to work on and I can feel myself appreciating all the little things even more this year because of my focus on one special thing every day.  IMG_6013IMG_6015IMG_6014

Day 8:  Today I focused on our Christmas wrapping paper.  I’ve been feeling really giddy over the paper I picked up during Target’s holiday clearance last year so it seemed appropriate to include it in my album.  On the left I used a full page photo of all three rolls and on the right I did a little square pocket page that included pieces of the paper along with other embellishments from Ali Edwards’ main kit as well and In a Creative Bubble’s digital Good Cheer bundle.  The back of the page (below) looks very similar.IMG_6018IMG_6017

Day 9: On this day I wanted to tell the story of our drive to a neighborhood in Brea, CA to see Christmas lights.  Every year this community puts together the most amazing Christmas Lights displays!   If you live in or around the Brea area, this is definitely a place that is worth driving through.  The lights and decorations are beautiful!

Since I had some negative space in my photo I stuck this “twinkle” sticker from the Ali Edwards main kit  right in there.  This word perfectly captures the whole night!

This little deer is from a Heidi Swapp set and the card underneath is from the December Studio Calico kit.  Happy Merry Everything came from the ‘Oh What Fun’ One Little Bird journaling card set.


Day 10: On this day I was starting to feel slightly overwhelmed with everything that was needing to get done for the holidays.  I chose to include this song in my album because it was something bringing me a lot of joy and peace at the time.

I had been wanting to create a graphic using words for my album so this actually worked out perfectly.  All I did here was copy and paste the lyrics into a text box in Photoshop, then resized some of the words and turned them into colors that would match with the corresponding cards I had planned for the left page.

The ‘Love+Joy’ card comes from the One Little Bird ‘Oh What Fun’ journaling card set.  Instead of using the whole card, I cut a piece of it off and adhered it to a different card that came in the Studio Calico kit. Can you tell I love mixing patterns? The ‘Good Cheer Tag’ comes from the In a Creative Bubble digital set.  The little polar bear card is probably my favorite part of this page- I just can’t resist the cuteness!  It was designed by Life Love paper and came in the December Studio Calico Kit.IMG_6023IMG_6022

I wanted to include some hidden journaling about this song so I made a pocket by gluing a small baggie between two pieces of paper and tucked my journaling away.  I love simple storage solutions like this :-)

IMG_6026IMG_6025IMG_6027Day 11: Today includes the story of putting up a small Christmas tree and some holiday decorations in my office.  The look of this page is definitely more traditional, but I really love the contrast it gives to some of my other pages that incorporated bright reds, greens, and pinks.

Since I had used that Wonderland page from the Ali Edwards main kit  on the back of my song lyrics I decided to make the next page in my album this pretty transparency sheet that came in the same kit.  I added “merry” on top of the transparency so when all of these pages are layered together you can read “merry wonderland” and see the snowy Christmas Trees.

Well friends, I’ll leave it here for now.  I can’t wait to share the rest of my album after Christmas!  How is your December Daily album coming along?

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December Daily Share: Part 3

December Daily Part 3

Previous Posts for December Daily 2015: Cover & Foundation Pages, Part 1, Part 2.


Compared to the other days I’ve documented in my December Daily album, days 5-7 were relatively simple.  On day 5 I wanted to document the show we went to see in Las Vegas.  I thought about including a few photos I had taken during the show, but to keep things simple I ended up just inserting a trifold I had picked up.  The great thing about a trifold is you can actually see every bit of it without taking it out of the rings in a binder.IMG_5978

On the inside of the flap I adhered our ticket stubs using washi tape, and on the back I used two 3×4 journaling cards and some washi tape on either side.  This ‘Ah, Yeah’ card comes from the Ali Edwards main December Daily kit, and the black and white printed card is a freebie from Life Love PaperIMG_5980IMG_5982

I absolutely love Day 6.  Sometimes simple is just best.  Since my photo was already quite busy I wanted to make sure that the rest of my layout was minimal. These 3×4 cards from the Oh What Fun digital card set by One Little Bird were the perfect addition to keep things pretty, yet simple.   IMG_5983IMG_5986

I knew that I wanted to have a page that would talk about some of the ornaments we’ve collected from our travels, so I dedicated Day 07 for that. On the left I used a 6×8 photo of the ornaments, and typed out where each ornament is from.  If you are using Photoshop for printing your photo you could just as easily type directly on the photo, but I wanted my photo to have some dimension so I typed them separately and attached each stip of paper using my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher.

These 3×4 cards come from the main kit, and this 4×6 ‘Tis the Season’ card is from One Little Bird.

A few more days down, and quite a few more to go!  I’m honestly still loving the process of getting these memories into an album and I love how simple things can be.  Sometimes it’s fun to spend extra time on pages, but other times I just want to get the memory into my book and call it done.  Either way is totally fine because this process is whatever you want it to be!


December Daily: Days 2-4

December Daily Part 2IMG_5960I’m excited to be back today sharing more December Daily progress!  If you’ve missed my previous posts for my cover page and Day 01 I’ll link them below.

I’m happy to say that after a full week into this project I’m only a couple of days behind on documenting, mainly because we were in Vegas last weekend . . . so really I can’t complain :)IMG_5962

Day 02: December 2nd was a really hard day to document.  The mass shooting in San Bernardino had everyone in our community on edge and I was glued to the news all day long.  I was so sad for the families that lost someone, and I hadn’t even really processed all that had happened at that point.  I had a lot of thoughts and feelings so I did some journaling about the day’s events and ended up including them here.

On the left I cut down a 6×8 transparency and printed “Hope Anchors the Soul” on it.  This verse kept running through my head as I was processing things. I was really pleased how my typed out version looked (see original version here), but sadly the printer ink never completely dried.  Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I was able to just wipe the ink off the transparency and use a marker to handwrite this verse. That did the job, but I’m not really convinced I like the look of my own writing here. I might end up reworking how I use this verse, but for now it’s staying as is.IMG_5957

On the right side I have a 6×8 envelope that I tucked my journaling card in.  On the envelope I used a very old stamp set for stamping Peace and a bunch of snowflakes using blue and grey archival ink. I also used some translucent blue snowflake puffy stickers and randomly adhered them around the envelope for some dimension.  The 6×8 card here comes from the Ali Edwards December Daily main kit.

IMG_5959Day 03: Today I wanted to tell the story of my Christmas shopping experience this year.  A couple of years ago I never would have considered myself to be a big online shopper.  Last year I bought a few gifts online, but this year I’d say I’ve done about 50% of my shopping online.  Crazy how times change!

Since I typically write down everyone’s wish list along with my own ideas for each gift receiver I thought it would be fun to give each person their own little card which I’d tuck inside my album for safekeeping.  It might be fun to come back to this years down the road and see what everyone was into!IMG_5961

The little dove came from In a Creative Bubble’s  Good Cheer digitals , which I simply punched out with a 1″ circle punch.  The washi tapes here came from the Ali Edwards main kit and that ‘wonderful’ washi tape sticker comes from a Heidi Swapp collection.

I had a lot of fun playing around with the #3 card here (also from the Ali Edwards main kit).  I used an envelope stamp from the Kelly Purkey Work Planner stamp set and randomly stamped all over the card.  My stamping started to get closer and closer together, which created a gradient effect.  As you can see here, I decided to go with that idea and made my stamping in the top right super concentrated.


Day 04:  On the 4th we drove out to Vegas for the weekend.  Most of our time was spent checking out the holiday decorations (the photos here are from the Bellagio), eating, resting, and watching Le Reve (stay tuned for Day 5 coming next week!)

On the left page I used two journaling cards that Life Love Paper offered for FREE on her blog last week.  Check them out.   You won’t be disappointed!  I wanted to have quite a bit of space for journaling so I cut a piece of regular white cardstock down to 3×8″ and just drew my lines.IMG_5965

On the back I adhered some paper from the Ali Edwards main kit.  I also glued two 4×6 photos back to back and stuck them straight into the album.IMG_5966

Finally, I used the red chipboard letters that also came in the main kit to spell out Vegas.  I wanted my #4 to stand out so I wrapped gold washi tape around it.  I was a little worried it might not stick well, but so far it’s doing great!IMG_5969

I can’t believe how full this album is after only a few days!  I’m thinking I might have to cut back on some of my chipboard elements or split this book in to two albums!

In case you missed my previous December Daily posts, here is where you can read about how my cover page came together, and here is Day 01.

How is your December Daily album coming along?  Are you having fun capturing the memories of the season?

Project Life: Final 2015 Layout!

IMG_5945 copyIt feels so crazy writing this, but today’s layout wraps up my 2015 Project Life album! I may have been late to the party by jumping in mid-year, but I’m so happy that I decided to just go for it when I did, and now I’m just grateful to have all of these stories together in one overstuffed 6×8 binder.

Before I start talking about this week’s layout, let me just point out my epic fail on Thanksgiving day- I didn’t notice that the image stabilization was turned off on my camera and therefore most photos came out somewhat blurry- boooo.   I was pretty bummed when I started importing the photos into my library and noticed, but sometimes that’s just how things go.   I eventually picked myself up at of my puddle of tears (haha, just kidding- sort of ;-) and moved on with what I had.IMG_5948

I used a few different Studio Calico elements from the Wink Wink and Canyonland main kits: The blue 3×4 card, the gold foiled white leaf, as well as the orange 4×6 card that I stamped “Thanksgiving” on using the Kelly Purkey Southport alpha set.  That little weather report stamp also came in the November Canyonland kit, and it has quickly become a favorite!  The Today 3×4 card came from My Mind’s Eye, and I also used a couple of other Kelly Purkey stamps on my photos.IMG_5947

This layout just feels like the perfect way to finish up this year’s album!


Happy Monday, friends!  Have a wonderful week!

December Daily Share

December Daily Part 1IMG_5914After finishing up my 30 day gratitude mini book there was a part of me that was a little nervous about taking on another daily project. The greater part of me, however, was thinking “bring it on!”  This will be my first year working on a December Daily album since last year I had every intention of putting a book together, but never really got it off the ground.

Let’s do this, friends!IMG_5900

My first step in working on my album was to create my intentions page.  An intentions page is something I might normally overlook since I’m not always a huge fan of doing my own journaling (something I’m working to improve with every project). Honestly though, I found writing out my reasons for doing daily documentation during what is already the busiest time of year to be really helpful in getting in the mood for this project.  I think sometimes we can look at a project like this and see it as just one more thing, but if there’s a reason behind creating it, I know I’m much more likely to crank it out and actually enjoy the process.

IMG_5901My first story for December ended up being all about holiday lattes from Starbucks. Coffee . . . how appropriate, ha!  I’m a fan (a big, big, fan!) of the sweet holiday lattes that Starbucks offers each holiday season.  They offer such a variety that I just want to try them all!  I created a little chart for ranking my favorites (and not-so-favorites) because  I’m thinking it might be fun to see how these things change over time.IMG_5903IMG_5905IMG_5904

I’ll be documenting through at least December 26th, possibly a little longer if the festivities continue, and I’m really hoping to stay on top of this as much as possible (shooting to complete my whole album by December 31!)  I’ll be sharing updates here on the blog every Wednesday, but for many more updates, please come visit me on Instagram. . . it’s like one giant craft party over there! :-)

New to December Daily?  I’d recommend starting here :-)


P.S.  I was SUPER excited to be on the Studio Calico blog earlier this week sharing this week’s challenge.  I’d be so jazzed if you hop on over and participate.  There’s even a small prize if you win! :-)  Money to spend on scrapbooking goodies? Yes, please!