30 Days of Gratitude Mini Book


I’m so excited to be sharing the finishing touches on this gratitude mini book today!

Before getting into any details I’d like to first saying THANK YOU to everyone who ‘liked’ or left a sweet comment on my Instagram account over the last 30 days.  It truly motivated me to finish this project strong and make sure that I got up a daily post.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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(For a detailed look at each page you can head over to my Instagram or search the hashtag #30daygratitudemini)

This project was all about spending some time every day looking at something specific I am grateful for.  Although I try to practice daily gratitude, there is always more time that can be spent in this area, so for the 30 days in November I decided to do just that.

My “objects” of thanks ranged from little things like the cute coffee mugs that make me happy in the morning, to sunshine and fall leaves, to the people that I love.

I didn’t try to dwell on what I was including or not including and I didn’t rank my items so I’d be sure to include what I considered to be the 30 most important things to be thankful for.  Instead, I took it day by day and just posted something I was feeling grateful for at that time.


I wanted the look of my mini to be consistent throughout so I decided that for every entry I’d have a photo that related to what I was grateful for and on the right and I’d do some journaling on the left.  I typed up all of my entries and then used the Southport alphabet stamps by Kelly Purkey with Archival blank ink to stamp all of my headers.  On most of the journaling pages I also added a few simple embellishments. IMG_5886

I really wasn’t intending to add in any extras to this mini, but when I received my November Studio Calico Documenter kit and saw how well some of the 3×4 cards fit with some of my pages, I knew I had to include them.IMG_5898IMG_5896

I love how adding these few extra cards added quite a bit of interest and some dimensionality to my mini. IMG_5883IMG_5884IMG_5887

This Live in the Moment transparency is my favorite insert.  I thought about just adding the transparent die cut directly over my image but instead I cut down a transparency sheet and glued the phrase on top so when you flip the transparency page you can see the image in it’s original state.


I had so much fun creating this mini and it’s by far my favorite book to flip through at the moment.  Although there is so much more to be grateful for, I’m happy to have these 30 documented.

If you were working on a gratitude mini book in November or participating in a daily challenge to document your daily gratitudes, I’d love to hear about it!

5 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude Mini Book

  1. I love your book and I might start one during January — It’s hard to feel thankful during the cold and dark of winter :-)

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