Project Life: November 9-15

November 9-15 Cover

Sometimes I struggle with what everyday stories to include in my project life album.  Do I want to include all the tiny details, or just some of the highlights?  Should I include stories where photos weren’t taken?  (YES!).  Should I be lengthy in my journaling, or do the photos do a good enough job telling the story?

These are questions that occasionally run through my head as I’m working on my album.  Even after nearly six months of working on this project I’m still figuring out how I like to document.



This week was a very full week and I struggled with what to include in my album.  I included the story of my first trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and wrote about how we spent most of the day looking at jellyfish and sharks.  I also included our trip to the Cinemark theater after leaving the aquarium to watch the new James Bond film, where I discovered that theaters with reclining leather seats do exist in California, and tickets aren’t even that much more expensive!  I included the story of our trip to an awesome Italian restaurant that we first discovered when we were running the Long Beach half marathon a few years back, but I left out the story about how we didn’t find the food quite as amazing this time around and how I hoped that the reason for that was only because we’ve tried even more amazing food since then!



I also left out three other mentionable moments from this week, like how I tried Japanese food for the first time and “accidentally” ate heart and tongue (yes, you read that right), and when I tried Korean BBQ (also for the first time) and got reassured that stepping out of my food comfort zone really can be a good thing.  I also left out the story about a Friendsgiving we went to, and about how I met some really awesome people and two of the cutest cats (and yes, the cats are totally worth mentioning :-)

So there it is.  These are all the main stories from this week.  Some went into the album and some stayed out (although after I print this out and stick it in my album they’ll all be in there).


There is no right or wrong way to document our memories.  I find it so cool that we can tell (or not tell) our stories any way we like! We get to decide what memories we want to remember in vivid detail, and which ones are maybe not worth noting.

How do you decide which stories to include in your album?

Supplied Used:

Wink Wink and Canyonlands main kits from Studio Calico

Pink Paislee Atlas Ephemera

4 thoughts on “Project Life: November 9-15

  1. Love the lok of this layout and how the journalling goes from one pocket to the other :)

    I’ve just started on my Project Life and I’m finding it hard figuring out where to draw the line too. So I decided it was okay to experiment wildly – I do scrapbook in weeks, but I’m not forcing myself to stick with a set layout and let the weeks spill into each other. So far I’m enjoying it a ton. It can be so tempting to want EVERYTHING in there though, but it’d be an all too overwhelming project in that case and I’d never do it. Done is better than parfect, as they say!

  2. Hello! Your layouts are gorgeous. I’ve just arrived at your blog after discovering you through the projectlife2016 tag on IG. I was looking for someone who used a 6×8 album weekly. This post really resonates with me as I haven’t started this year yet because I had planned to do 6×8 monthly but now I’m worried that will miss out on some of the everyday fun stuff. I’m now considering keeping it weekly but wondering if the 6×8 will constrain me too much. I’m assuming it will make me focus on what’s really important but we’ll see! Did you keep yours to one spread a week overall?

    1. Thanks so much! I mainly stuck to one spread per week, except for weeks where something big was going on, like a trip somewhere or a birthday. In those cases I usually filled up a second spread or made an insert. I think working with a smaller size definitely made me focus on the stories I really wanted to tell, which I now love looking back on :)

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