Project Life: October 26-November 8


It’s November and I’m still loving this project.  In all fairness I didn’t start my Project Life album until June, but 5 months and many layouts later, here we are, with lots of steam left to finish out this year!

Right now I’m still leaning towards carrying my Project Life album through December while also working on a December Daily, but that may end up being too much.  The holidays are so busy, and with O finally having some weekends off in the near future, I think I’m going to play this decision by ear.


First up is my October 26-November 1 layout.  No crazy Halloween photos here!  We had a really low key night.  My family came over for dinner and we spent the rest of the night playing Catan while taking turns answering the door to see all the cute trick-or-treaters in their costumes.  This was the best Halloween I can remember in recent years.  I’m not really big on parties, and being outside when there are people walking around looking like zombies isn’t really my thing either,  so spending time with my family who gets equally excited about seeing the cute costumes as me was awesome!


The cards that I used on both layouts for these two weeks came from the Studio Calico “Wink Wink” and “Canyonlands” main documenter kits.

I’ve noticed that my layouts jump back and forth between being super colorful and more muted with pops of color.  The Studio Calico kits are really versatile and so far I’ve always been able to find several things that fit with what I’m needing for every layout, so that’s pretty awesome.

I wasn’t too crazy about that Catan photo I took on my cell phone in very bad lighting, so I tried to balance things out with some bold alphas stamped across the middle.  I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but these alphas are so awesome! They are perfect for small projects because they are tall and thin.  Love a bold letter that fits on a small project!IMG_5811IMG_5810

My November 2-8 Layout was super simple. Most of the week was just spent working (and apparently drinking coffee, ha!) so I didn’t have a lot of photos.  That’s when these pretty filler cards and embellishments come in so handy.  They’re too pretty to cover up anyways :-)IMG_5818IMG_5819

I’d love to know how many people have a photo of this to-go cup from Starbucks in their album.  It’s like a fall staple, right?  I went through months of being bummed every time I got the normal white cup, and then, just as the red cups started appearing I got the last of this design- woo hoo!  It’s amazing how these little things can make a girl so happy.  Oh wait, is it just me?IMG_5820

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Have a good one!

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