Project Life: October 12 – 25

Project Life Oct. 12-25 TitleIs anyone else out there struggling with the new “fall back” time change?  Don’t get me wrong, the extra hour of sleep on Sunday totally rocked, but I’d give it back in a second for some extra daylight towards the end of the day!!  It’s a bit of a bummer leaving work when it’s pitch black outside ;-)

Oh well, moving on! This month was pretty special in that it was the first month that I purchased a subscription box from Studio Calico.  Now, if you’re a die hard paper lover like me I think you might be wondering, girrrrrrl what took you so long?!  For the longest time I held out for one main reason . . . the unknown factor.  It was hard to justify spending $30 a month on products that would be chosen for me and I didn’t know if I’d like everything that would be included.  I’ve done subscriptions for other types of services before and it’s unusual for me to love everything that comes each month . . . I may be a little picky (ahem, selective :-).

Well, I finally got over my reservation and decided to just do it! I signed up for a 6 month subscription so I could get a free bonus goodie bag (totally worth it!) and then followed that shipment tracking information right up until it said it was waiting on my doorstep.  I may or may not have rushed home that evening, gave my husband a quick peck on the cheek when I came into the house saying “just a sec” while I rushed out the front door to retrieve the box.  Yup, I was kid on Christmas morning excited. I can honestly say that the anticipation and joy that little box brought me was totally worth spending every one of those pennies on “the unknown” (not to mention, I did end up liking nearly everything in the box ;-)

IMG_5765IMG_5766For my October 12-18 spread I used some free journaling cards that Jasmine Jones offered on her website and paired them with those transparent stars, a little tag card, and that adorable black polka dot washi tape from the Wink Wink Studio Calico box.

The “Just Because . . .” phrase was stamped out with the Kelly Purkey Southport Alphabet Stamps , which I am getting so much use out of! See this project to see how well they can work on just about any size of layout :-)

IMG_5771For my October 19-25 layout I was able to put some of the Studio Calico journaling cards to use.  I love the bright green and red colors that were incorporated into this kit, and that My Happy Place card totally fits with the bottom photo of me with my mom and sister at a craft fair OR of the top photo of my desk.  Both of those places are certainly happy places for me :-)


IMG_5774The ‘Big Things Happen One Day at a Time’ typography came from a little card that was included in my shipping box when I received my Get to Work Book.  This phrase perfectly captures everything I was feeling that week so I really wanted to include it on the layout.


I also pulled out this oldie but goodie “This is How I Roll” stamp by Kelly Purkey.  Little fun fact: I think this was the first EVER stamp I purchase online.  I definitely need to dig this one out more often :-)

So there you have it, two more weeks into my Project Life album.  I can’t believe this year is almost over and soon I’ll be wrapping this binder up!  I’ll be putting together a December Daily album this year, but I’ve decided I’d still like to continue doing my project life spreads throughout December too.  It’s going to be a busy month!

Have you started thinking about Project Life for next year?  I think I might take a leap and switch up the size of my album next year.  Still plenty of time to decide, right?


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