Canada Mini + Video Overview

Canada Mini-Book

Happy Monday!  Today I’m very excited to be sharing this mini book on the blog with you, especially since I’ve had this mini on my mind since before we took our trip to Canada back in December of last year!

I think the WeRMemory Keepers 4×4 mini albums are awesome for pulling together fun minis.  I love the versatility of being able to put some things into pockets while simply hole punching other photos/tags/memorabilia and placing them directly into the album.  Plus, the 4×4 size is easy and fun to work with.

If you’d like to see a quick video flip through, there’s a short video at the bottom of this post, and if you’d like to read a little bit more about our experience in Canada, I wrote up a couple of posts earlier this year.  (See Part 1 and Part 2

I used the Clearly Kelly New Adventures stamps throughout the album. Kelly Purkey stamps are a real go-to for me when I’m putting anything travel/food related together . . . which is basically everything :-)IMG_5454IMG_5455IMG_5456

I had saved a few brochures, maps, and tickets from our trip so I wanted to be sure to include them.  This brochure was from one of the hotels we stayed at.  All I did was hole punch it and stick it directly into the book along with the hotel key card.

I love when memorabilia is the perfect size for the mini I’m creating! This coaster from a pub we ate at was a fun addition.

The thing about minis is that they’re so easy to keep adding to.  I found myself adding bits and pieces right up until the point that I was taking the photos for this post (which is why you’ll notice additions in the photos that aren’t featured in the video below).

As soon as I finished this album I rushed right back to the store to buy two more 4×4 albums (one in black and one in gold).  The mini book making continues!  Thanks for letting me share :-)

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