Summer Reading List

Good Reads

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a book roundup here on the blog, so today I thought I would mention some of my favorite reads from this summer. Here we go!

Station Eleven: I had seen this book mentioned all over Instagram, but I was a little worried it was going to be depressing since it centers around a deadly flu that wipes out most of the world’s population.  I felt like this story was surprisingly uplifting- it’s a story of survival.  I loved the way the characters stories intertwined and how the story would go between past (before the flu) and present.  Definitely a page turner.

The Promise of Stardust: I remember picking this book up when I had jury duty a couple of years ago.  For some reason I wasn’t able to get into it at that time.  This time around when I picked it up I was hooked after two pages.  I also started an ugly sob session within the first few pages.  Normally I’m not a crier when it comes to books (and for sure not within the first few pages), but this book kept me emotional throughout.  The story centers around a young doctor whose wife tragically falls from a ladder and suffers severe and permanent brain damage.  When he finds out that she’s pregnant he is faced with some huge decisions. There is a very mild political aspect of the plot line, but the majority of the book focuses on family and the tough choices we’re sometimes faced with.

The Rosie Project:  After reading something as emotional as the Promise of Stardust I really needed something light and funny.  That is exactly how I would describe this book.  This is a funny, charming, and sweet love story.  It’s definitely not a roll your eyes because it’s just too cheesy kind of love story, but it is a love story.  I felt like I was was reading a script for an episode of the Big Bang Theory sometimes because the main character reminded me so much of Sheldon!  I loved the humor and innocence of this book.

The Husband’s Secret– Liane Moriarty is quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors.  As I mentioned in a previous book post, I really enjoyed Big Little Lies, but  I would have to say that I enjoyed this book even more.  I love the way that multiple stories in past and present get intertwined and how the secrets in the characters’ lives are slowly revealed.  It had me hooked from beginning to end.

What was on your summer reading list?  Any great discoveries?

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