FREE Goals List Checklist

Let's Do This Cover PhotoHappy FriYAY!  Any day is a little sweeter when there’s a freebie thrown into the mix, am I right?

As I was working on my Birthday goals for this year I knew I was going to have to get them into my planner so I’d be able to get my daily dose reminder :-)   That’s where this checklist comes in.  This little 6×8 checklist is the perfect size to fit inside most planners or in a 6×8 Project Life album (woohoo!).  You can keep it simple with the polkadot design on the template or spruce it up with some stamps and stickers like I did with mine (couldn’t resist :-)


If you’re a goal setter that likes to make lists and cross things off to see progress then I hope you find this helpful.  And if you do end up using this template, please tag me in your photo so I can take a look and cheer you on!

Happy Friday.  Have a beautiful weekend!


Download: Goals_List _SarahZayas

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