20 Goals for my 28th Year

IMG_5197As I write this blog post it is my birthday, but since this post will go up tomorrow (Wednesday) let me just say so far I’m digging this new year.  My sister mentioned to me over the weekend that 28 is the perfect number (mathematically speaking, at least) so at least we’re off to a good start!

Today I’m really excited to share my new birthday goals for this year.  This is now my third year creating this type of goals list and I have to say that every year I love this challenge a little more.  Not only do I push myself out of my bubble to complete the goals, but I also learn more about myself and what steps I need to take to achieve the things I really want.

This year I have 20 goals that are a mixed bag of easy, challenging, and just for fun.  Should be a great year :-)

Here we go!

  1. Cook two new meals every month
  1. Visit a new country
  1. Make a summer bucket list
  1.  Finish the yoga for 30 days challenge
  1.  Read 12 new books
  1. Complete #weekinthelife 
  1. Become fluent in Spanish
  1. Mail birthday cards
  1. Take a weekend trip to San Diego
  1. Do the Whole 30
  1. Create early morning creative habits
  1. Go hiking in a National Park
  1. Complete a monthly Instagram challenge.
  1. Host a Dinner Party
  1. Take 3 new Skillshare classes
  1. Design a personal business card
  1. Fill the walls of our house with artwork, pictures, and other loveliness
  1. Plant a small herb garden (and try very hard to keep it alive!)
  1. Crochet a blanket
  1. Try 6 new coffee shops

This year I’ll be Instagramming my goals progress with the hashtag “SZBirthdayGoals.”  If things go well I should have lots of photos of delicious meals, fun adventures, and pretty projects by next August :-)

Have you made any goals for yourself this year?  How is your progress going? I’d love to hear about it!

P.S. If you missed my roundup of 27 goals from last year, I wrote this blog post to recap everything.


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