Project Life: June 15-July 5

Project Life June 15-July 5

It feels so good to be caught up on my Project Life album!  Today I’m sharing my spreads from the mid-June through early July period.  Looking back I can’t believe how much happened in this three week period . . . Father’s Day, birthdays, a baby shower, 4th of July.  My challenge for these spreads was definitely the task of selecting which photos I wanted to use.


June 15-21:  This week was filled with mixed emotions.  I was definitely not expecting news that my car was going to be deemed a total loss.  I had to say farewell to the car that has taken me everywhere for the last four years, and that put me in a bit of a funky mood.  Thankfully the weekend was a lot more cheerful when we celebrated Father’s day.  It was so nice to spend the morning with my family.  We hadn’t posed for a picture with the four of us in quite a long time so I really wanted to do something special with this photo.  I decided to print the photo 6×8 and just add a few embellishments.  For the rest of the spread I tried to incorporate the pink toned colors from the brick building in that photo.  I really dug into my stash of supplies for this spread but it’s kind of fun discovering old things :-)IMG_5221IMG_5222IMG_5224

June 22-28: I love how bright and colorful the photo from this special baby shower came out.  I wanted to stick with the bright colored theme so I tied in a few other colorful embellishments and used a watercolor painting I had completed for the full 6×8 insert.  This cacti watercolor was a little practice painting I did one weekend afternoon. Normally I’m not one to hold on to my practice paintings but after seeing how they can be incorporated into other projects I think I might start saving more often.  I think these are going to be really fun to look back on years down the road.  IMG_5225IMG_5227IMG_5228IMG_5230June 29-July 5: I decided to use this little “You are my sunshine” card in its own little pocket protector so that I could use the back of it for my Fourth of July journaling.  To be honest, I think the photo used above is slightly creepy (something about the glow of the streetlight and that shady looking van), but check out those fireworks in the background! We had the most comfortable seat for this fireworks show and all we had to do was look beyond the van.

So there you have it, all of this and I’m back on track with my up to date album- hooray!  There’s just something about being all caught up is so satisfying, right?


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