Project Life: June 1-7


It’s a new look for my Project Life album for the second half of 2015.  I’ve switched from a 12×12 album to a smaller and more manageable 6×8.  This format works for me so far.  Having a smaller format really allows me to get more specific with my photos, journaling, and other design elements.  Plus . . . putting together a little 6×8 scrapbook page was so fun!!
IMG_5184IMG_5186These photos are all from the weekend, when we took a trip down to the Venice Beach canals (I can’t believe I had never been).  How did I not know that California had its own little version of Italy in it’s backyard?  I’ll definitely be back!

Also this week (not featured) it was National Donut Day- holla!  I hope you treated yourself- I definitely did :-)  It was crazy to see my local donut shop with a sign on the door around 5pm that said “sorry, out of donuts.”  Say what?!  Not to be deterred I went an extra 15 minutes out of the way to another donut shop because a woman on a mission just can’t be stopped.  I may have picked up a few extra donut holes to reward myself for the extra long drive.  Cheers to donuts- may they brighten your days as they do mine.

Happy Monday, friends.


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