Life is Beautiful


Sometimes the simplest date plans are the best.  Last Valentine’s Day I had a plan- I thought we’d spend the day at the Getty Museum and have a picnic in the gorgeous lawn area.  After packing a picnic for two we headed out.  Traffic was unusually bad which meant that by the time we actually got to the museum we were both starving (seriously, on any other day I probably would have eaten half my meal in the car after reaching the first traffic jam, but that seemed a little unromantic for Valentine’s Day . . . ).  It turned out that we weren’t the only couple with the idea of visiting the Getty that day.  There was a massive line of cars trying to get in! So, our plan B was to avoid tons of people and just find a local park for our picnic.

This ended up being the perfect change of plans.  We got our picnic, but then we also got to stop by one of favorite ice cream shops, and then rounded out the day with a trip to an art supply store :-)  Sometimes its just great to go with the flow- you never know where it’s going to lead.IMG_5172This layout was so fun to piece together.  I can’t get enough of these bright colors!  The materials I used were a mixture of old and new- the newest being the DearLizzy “Life is ____” card and the new Amy Tangerine accent stickers.  
IMG_5174Ahh, life really is beautiful, isn’t it?  Especially when you get to play around with pretty stickers and paper :-)


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