Roadtrip Mini Book

Zion cover mini album

These pretty papers and embellishments make me just as excited now as they did when I first saw them at my local scrapbook store.  Seriously, pink and gold foil are impossible for me to resist.  The struggle is real people!  Initially I didn’t think I’d be using these papers for a roadtrip mini, but the colors actually worked so well with the photos of Zion and Bryce Canyon (all the pretty pink tones in the rocks!) that I decided to give it a go.

IMG_5158 IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5161 IMG_5162 IMG_5163 IMG_5164 IMG_5165 IMG_5166 IMG_5167You may have noticed that this mini isn’t bound together.  In the future I may punch a couple small holes in the spine and tie some string through to hold it all together, but for now the papers don’t seem to be moving much so this is actually fine for me.

Such great memories in this book.  I’m really looking forward to flipping through this one every now and again.

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