Zion National Park

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There are many things to love about Zion National Park.  I love the fact that one can get an overall sense of the park and see a lot of the scenery by just spending an hour in the car driving through.  However, if you’re more of an adventurer, there are also many areas to explore on foot by way of trails.   Omar and I had read that the traffic and parking within the park can get pretty horrible (there’s only one lane with very few pullouts) which is why they have a tram to take you into the park.  We found that traffic was minimal during the early morning hours in the off season.  It’s pretty cold, but still bearable ;-)

On our short trip we tried to do a little bit of everything.  We took a drive into the park before sunrise so we could watch the sky change colors against the massive canyon walls (fyi- it’s really hard to find a good place to watch the sun come up when you’re in a canyon! Ha!). Then we took some time to drive through the whole canyon, stopping along the way to take pictures and touch the canyon walls.  We also went on a hike after getting some advice from a local shop clerk (and avid hiker!) as to where the “if you could only hike one trail in the park it would be  ___” trail was.   

Taking a trip through Zion is a really fun experience.  The natural setting is eye candy and you just might see a deer on the side of the road if you’re lucky :-)

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