As of late

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Enjoying- morning yoga twice a week.  Waking up at 5:30am is definitely not something I look forward to, but the peace I feel during yoga and the tone it sets for the rest of my day is so worth it.

Eating- Pumpkin pie.  Seems like November should be celebrated with some pumpkin pie.

Drinking- Lots of green tea.  It helps that I work in a freezing office and a warm cup of tea is the only thing that seems to warm me up.

Wearing- A mixture of sleeveless tops and sweaters.  SoCal weather in the Fall is so tricky!

Wondering- How on earth we plowed through 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in just a few months.  For being people that aren’t big TV watchers, we sure caught the Breaking Bad bug.

Making- A crocheted cowl.  I forgot how enjoyable crocheting can be!  Who wants a scarf/cowl for Christmas?! :-)

Ordering- this winter jacket and praying that it keeps me warm in Canada.

Planning- our Thanksgiving dinner.  We’re hosting this year and I’m both nervous and excited by the idea. It helps that we’ll have two moms in the kitchen to make up for my novice abilities as a chef!

Preparing- to design a capsule wardrobe for what’s left of this season.  I’m nervous about paring down my wardrobe to under 40 pieces but excited about all the room I’ll have in my closet!

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