Sometimes . . .

Sometimes PrintThe last couple of weeks have been interesting.  Our house in cleaner than ever, I took the time to organize our laundry room (who does that?!) and I’m in the middle of painting O’s office.  While it’s a always a great feeling of accomplishment to have a clean and organized home, for me, it usually means that I’m procrastinating on other projects.  It’s been tough.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk.  I had my hopes up about something that didn’t pan out, and it left me feeling a bit defeated, which I hadn’t anticipated.  I know this is something that happens to all of us, but man does it sometimes catch me off guard.

Anyways, after just taking some time to think (without a vacuum in my hand!) I’m feeling so much better- ready to make big things happen.  I’m so grateful for these learning experiences.  They sometimes do get us down, but man do they make us better and stronger people.  I found this quote on Pinterest last week, and immediately made the print above to hang in my office.  A little reminder to always seize opportunities but not feel knocked down when things don’t work out.