Friday Currents

Friday Things 1

1. Woke up early for a yoga class only to find out that it was cancelled.  Determined to not be deterred from working out, I joined a Zumba class and got my sweat on for 90 minutes- cheers to feeling great on Friday!

2. Catching up on some blog reading.  Feeling inspired by this post to write down some things I want to get done around the house and then cross them off one by one.

3. Feeling jazzed that I pulled a late-nighter last night to watch all the video lessons from this Skillshare class .  Lots of great information- some refreshers and some new-to-me shortcuts.  Feeling ready to make my way through all the creative suite classes offered on the site!

4. Printing out this recipe which I’m going to attempt cooking this weekend.  It’s kind of crazy how I went from hating curry as a little girl to now craving it on a weekly basis!

5. Finishing up this book.  If you haven’t seen Brene Brown’s TED Talk, it’s a good one!

Happy Friday!


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