Birthday Cake in a Jar

Cake in a JarLet’s talk cake today, shall we? In fact, if we’re going to cake, let’s just talk lemon funfetti cake with pink cream cheese frosting in a jar. Mmmm . . . now there’s something that makes me smile :-)  There’s something about the mixture of sprinkles and pink frosting that screams birthday to me, so it seemed like the perfect dessert to make for a group of friends last Saturday when we went out for a fun night of pizza and bowling.Cake in Jar 4Cake in a Jar 3

This was my first attempt at doing cake in a jar.  If you’ve never made them before, it’s SUPER simple to learn.  You just bake a cake like you normally would (in this case I used a boxed lemon cake and added sprinkles for the funfetti effect) and let it cool completely.  (To cool the cake really quickly you can cut the little pieces right away, stick them on a plate, and place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.)  Then you take the little pieces and stick them in the jar to create layers.  From there it’s all about layering.  Cake, then frosting, then sprinkles (or in any order you’d like).  I was able to have two layers of cake, frosting, and sprinkles.  And in case you’re wondering, that’s just cream cheese frosting from the can, but I added in some pink food coloring for the fun of it!Cake in Jar (2)Cake in Jar 5

From there I just used some washy tape to adhere a spoon to the side.

I love these little cake-to-go desserts!  It involves a little preparation, but once you’ve goth them ready, they’re totally no-fuss. Have some cake today, friends, and enjoy!


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