27 Goals: The List

27 Goals The listThe last time I created a goals list it was on a whim for my 23rd birthday.  I felt like I really wanted to challenge and make myself accountable for making things happen that year, so I wrote it all down.  To be completely honest, the list was a bit of a bust.  I did a few things that were probably bound to happen anyways, but overall I did not go above and beyond to accomplish what I set forth.  Goal setting can be really challenging- especially when the list is long, the time period spans an entire year, and when the goals require a lot of time and effort.  But isn’t that what goals are all about? They’re meant to be challenging in one way or another, which is why  it can be an incredibly rewarding process too, especially when you accomplish something and realize that you did it by putting yourself out there to make it happen and not just waiting for things falling into place.

For this year, I brainstormed and edited my list.  I feel like what I’ve ended up with is a list of well rounded goals.  I have some career and financial goals, some physical goals, some adventure and educational goals, and some just-for-fun goals.  The list is definitely challenging, but doable, which is exactly what I was aiming for.

I’ve decided to record my progress on this annual project in a mini-binder . . . of course, why not?  I’ll take any excuse to make a new mini book or mini binder ;-)

Here’s the list!

1. Take a photography class; 2. Visit a new country; 3. Improve my wardrobe; 4. Simplify the items in my life (embrace minimalism); 5. Sign up for a kickboxing class; 6. Practice yoga more frequently; 7. Set up an Etsy shop; 8. Start juicing; 9. Host an awesome Friendsgiving; 10. Continue to work on Project Life consistently; 11. Make a vacation video; 12. Make a video tutorial; 13. Make time for reading; 14. Set large financial goals; 15. Improve snowboarding skills; 16. Weave something awesome; 17. Become fluent in Spanish; 18. Learn how to drive a manual car; 19. Go kayaking/canoeing; 20. Make curry; 21. Go to three concerts; 22. Have a picnic; 23. Go camping- whatever form of “camping” that takes; 24. Take a cooking class; 25. Worry less; 26. Go to a comedy show; 27. Be more kind to my body

27 Goals List27 Goals List (2)

I’m ready to get started.  Hope you’ll stick with me through this journey, and if you’re working on your own goals, I’d love to hear about them!

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