I’m soaking up every last bit of having this Friday off.  Every summer my workplace moves to a Monday-Thursday work schedule.  The workdays are a bit longer, but it allows us to have Fridays off.  With my last Friday off being next week I spent a few minutes this morning reflecting and giving thanks for the extra time I’ve had to myself in the last couple months.

Thankful for having time to attend morning yoga classes on a regular basis,

Thankful for being able to spend time organizing and cleaning the house (which to me feels more like a liberating activity than a chore- not always, but usually :-),

Thankful for having the opportunity to participate in some awesome Skillshare classes,

Thankful for having extra time to read and watch some HGTV while dreaming about some big home projects,

Thankful for being able to spend countless hours playing with pretty paper and photos.

I’ll admit that not every Friday was a dream (like that one morning I was dealing with a HUGE ant problem . . .), but all in all I’m just extremely grateful for the concentrated amount of extra free time.  It’s given me more time to dream big :-)

Today I’m catching up on my Project Life and finishing up some summer projects . . . like that Summer mini album that I’m so eager to share the end product of.  Stay tuned!  For now I’m sharing some early August project life pages. So fun to look back at the week of my birthday.  Good times!

Project Life Pages August 2-8

August Project Life 1August Project Life

Products Used:

Dear Lizzy Project Life Core Kit

One Little Bird journaling cards (Sunshine In my Soul, Hopscotch)

Paper Source gold washi tape

– Birthday card and some Las Vegas memorabilia

Adventures in Las Vegas

Las Vegas 1

Vegas USGoKartingOmar GoKartingVegas JapaneseMentalistVegas BurGRIMG_7420

I didn’t take a lot of photos while we were in Vegas last week, but I feel like the few snapshots I got on my phone are a pretty good representation of some of the highlights at least.  We saw a couple of shows, ate some really delicious food, and just spent some time relaxing- a simple yet pretty awesome 4 day vacation . ..  well, maybe except for that not so awesome heat. I guess it’s summer though . . . whatcha gonna do? :-)

Friday Currents

Friday Things 1

1. Woke up early for a yoga class only to find out that it was cancelled.  Determined to not be deterred from working out, I joined a Zumba class and got my sweat on for 90 minutes- cheers to feeling great on Friday!

2. Catching up on some blog reading.  Feeling inspired by this post to write down some things I want to get done around the house and then cross them off one by one.

3. Feeling jazzed that I pulled a late-nighter last night to watch all the video lessons from this Skillshare class .  Lots of great information- some refreshers and some new-to-me shortcuts.  Feeling ready to make my way through all the creative suite classes offered on the site!

4. Printing out this recipe which I’m going to attempt cooking this weekend.  It’s kind of crazy how I went from hating curry as a little girl to now craving it on a weekly basis!

5. Finishing up this book.  If you haven’t seen Brene Brown’s TED Talk, it’s a good one!

Happy Friday!

Catching up on Project Life

This last week has been so special and I can’t wait to share a few snapshots of our Las Vegas trip here on the blog next week.  It was a short trip (only four days, actually) but it was a great opportunity for some R&R.  I realize that R&R is not usually the first thing you think of when you’re considering a vacation in Vegas, but for us Vegas is all about taking our time walking around, going to see a few shows, and eating delicious food.  We don’t really jump into the nightlife scene.  Anyways, more about the trip later.  Right now I’m transitioning back into work mode while eating leftover birthday cake . . . yummmm.  Everything’s a little easier with a slice of cake by your side ;-)

I’ve been working on so many projects lately that I’ve been doing some jumping around on my Project Life album.  Today I wanted to share a couple layouts in an effort to play catch up.  My hope is that by the end of August I’ll be all caught up on my album!  If you follow in chronological order you might notice that my week of June 21-27 is absent.  That was the week we were in D.C. and I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to do a special insert or just a regular layout for the trip.  For now I’m happy with only having the daybook I put together after the trip.June 28-July 4What happened this week: A lot of celebrating this week!  We celebrated a good friend’s birthday in Los Angeles on July 3rd and celebrated Independence Day by going to an Angels game and watching a fireworks show after.

Special Techniques Used: Sometimes with selfies you never know what you’re going to get! That was the case with the photo below.  We captured us along with the family behind us.  It seemed a little odd to leave strangers (who were a pretty big focal point) in the photo, so I tried a couple of different options for cropping them out.  The first was the easiest fix.  I simply put a sticker right over the area I wanted to hide and added some text.  After working on the rest of the page, however, this photo felt too busy with the sticker and I knew I would need some more room for text.  I simply brought the photo into Photoshop, cropped off the top, moved the photo up to the top, and added in some text on the bottom. I felt like the clean layout fit really well on the page.Quick Tip

Products Used:

1. Sunshine In My Soul journaling cards by One Little Bird designs

2. The Open Road accent Stickers by Crate Paper

3. Cheerful Bee cardtock flower stickers by Heidi Grace designs

July 5-11

What happened this week: This week’s photos mainly came from our trip to Balboa Island.  I also added in a photo from our drive-in movie experience.

Products Used:

1. Sunshine In My Soul journaling cards by One Little Bird designs

2. The Open Road accent Stickers by Crate Paper

3. Spring Bloom Stickers by KaiserCraft

4.  Project Life Dear Lizzy edition

Birthday Cake in a Jar

Cake in a JarLet’s talk cake today, shall we? In fact, if we’re going to cake, let’s just talk lemon funfetti cake with pink cream cheese frosting in a jar. Mmmm . . . now there’s something that makes me smile :-)  There’s something about the mixture of sprinkles and pink frosting that screams birthday to me, so it seemed like the perfect dessert to make for a group of friends last Saturday when we went out for a fun night of pizza and bowling.Cake in Jar 4Cake in a Jar 3

This was my first attempt at doing cake in a jar.  If you’ve never made them before, it’s SUPER simple to learn.  You just bake a cake like you normally would (in this case I used a boxed lemon cake and added sprinkles for the funfetti effect) and let it cool completely.  (To cool the cake really quickly you can cut the little pieces right away, stick them on a plate, and place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.)  Then you take the little pieces and stick them in the jar to create layers.  From there it’s all about layering.  Cake, then frosting, then sprinkles (or in any order you’d like).  I was able to have two layers of cake, frosting, and sprinkles.  And in case you’re wondering, that’s just cream cheese frosting from the can, but I added in some pink food coloring for the fun of it!Cake in Jar (2)Cake in Jar 5

From there I just used some washy tape to adhere a spoon to the side.

I love these little cake-to-go desserts!  It involves a little preparation, but once you’ve goth them ready, they’re totally no-fuss. Have some cake today, friends, and enjoy!

27 Goals: The List

27 Goals The listThe last time I created a goals list it was on a whim for my 23rd birthday.  I felt like I really wanted to challenge and make myself accountable for making things happen that year, so I wrote it all down.  To be completely honest, the list was a bit of a bust.  I did a few things that were probably bound to happen anyways, but overall I did not go above and beyond to accomplish what I set forth.  Goal setting can be really challenging- especially when the list is long, the time period spans an entire year, and when the goals require a lot of time and effort.  But isn’t that what goals are all about? They’re meant to be challenging in one way or another, which is why  it can be an incredibly rewarding process too, especially when you accomplish something and realize that you did it by putting yourself out there to make it happen and not just waiting for things falling into place.

For this year, I brainstormed and edited my list.  I feel like what I’ve ended up with is a list of well rounded goals.  I have some career and financial goals, some physical goals, some adventure and educational goals, and some just-for-fun goals.  The list is definitely challenging, but doable, which is exactly what I was aiming for.

I’ve decided to record my progress on this annual project in a mini-binder . . . of course, why not?  I’ll take any excuse to make a new mini book or mini binder ;-)

Here’s the list!

1. Take a photography class; 2. Visit a new country; 3. Improve my wardrobe; 4. Simplify the items in my life (embrace minimalism); 5. Sign up for a kickboxing class; 6. Practice yoga more frequently; 7. Set up an Etsy shop; 8. Start juicing; 9. Host an awesome Friendsgiving; 10. Continue to work on Project Life consistently; 11. Make a vacation video; 12. Make a video tutorial; 13. Make time for reading; 14. Set large financial goals; 15. Improve snowboarding skills; 16. Weave something awesome; 17. Become fluent in Spanish; 18. Learn how to drive a manual car; 19. Go kayaking/canoeing; 20. Make curry; 21. Go to three concerts; 22. Have a picnic; 23. Go camping- whatever form of “camping” that takes; 24. Take a cooking class; 25. Worry less; 26. Go to a comedy show; 27. Be more kind to my body

27 Goals List27 Goals List (2)

I’m ready to get started.  Hope you’ll stick with me through this journey, and if you’re working on your own goals, I’d love to hear about them!

26 Favorite Moments

Me at 26Wow, sometimes I want to pinch myself . . . am I really turning 27 next week?! This last year has been a-m-a-zing.  There have been so many special moments and adventures that I will remember forever.  So, in lieu of discussing my 26 while 26 goals list (which I never got around to making last year) , I wanted to take this minute to do a quick roundup of 26 of my favorite moments in the last year – pretty much in chronological order ;-)

Throwing our first game night and laughing out loud for hours with friends

Trying on wedding dresses and crying when I found the right one

Planning a DIY wedding in 5 months

So I didn’t have to wait too long to marry this amazing guy

Writing my vows

And then reading them out loud while trying to keep it together

Spending 7 amazing days in beautiful Hawaii for our honeymoon

Where I learned how to surf

And ride a moped

And tasted delicious food and made arts and crafts a fun luau

Going to a Danny Elfman concert and being surprised when Tim Burton walked on stage

Visiting Sea World for the first time

Conquering my fear of eating sushi

Celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple

Visiting the Jelly Belly factory

Discovering Skillshare and all its amazing classes

Snowboarding down Big Bear mountain without a single fall!

Enjoying yoga

But not as much as completing my sixth half marathon and getting a satisfying personal best time.

Discovering Menchies frozen yogurt (yes it made the list, yes it really is that good)

Feeling uplifted by Wednesday night bible studies.

Spending an afternoon with friends in Malibu

Visiting Washington D.C. again and seeing it with brand new eyes.

Fireworks at Angels Stadium

Seeing a drive-in movie

Attending 5 amazing weddings (other than my own-ha!) What can I say? I’m a cheeseball and I love weddings!


If this is 26, 27 is going to be a PARTY! :-)

Here We GO! Mini Binder

Here We Go CoverHello friends and happy Tuesday! It feels like its been a little quiet here on the blog recently, but it’s definitely been the complete opposite here in the real world! As I mentioned last week, we’ve had our hands full with some home projects.  Last weekend we took on a couple more jobs- one of which was assembling a new desk and chair for my office (imagine me doing a happy dance right now!) I’m so excited to have a new workspace that fits me so well.  Before this new workspace purchase, I had been using an awesome DIY craft table that my Dad assembled for me nearly 3 years ago, and I have to say that it’s been really good to me over that time. However, over time, sitting several hours on a bar stool hunched over a laptop has started to take its toll.  So, here I am, sitting on my little mesh office chair, tapping away at my keyboard comfortably.  Yay!

I plan to share more about my workspace soon, but for now, on to the real reason I’m stopping by today . . . to share some pages out of this cute little adventure binder! It’s become my latest craft obsession along with my Summer Daybook.  I found this binder a couple years ago at Michaels (and amazingly they’re still in stock!).  The patterned papers that are already included set the groundwork for cool layouts, so the process of putting together some fun pages actually goes really quick.  I simply add my photos and some embellishments and called it good!

Here We Go 1Here We Go 3 Here We Go 4 Here We Go 5 Here We Go 6I have quite a few more adventures I want to add to this book, but for now I’m having a lot of fun flipping through my already completed pages . . . what is it about reminiscing that just feels so good?