July Roundup

Goodbye JulyWow, life has been crazy busy.  Not in the “this is such a cute project that I just have have to blog about it” kind of crazy, but more like a “let’s knock out some of these tedious, not-so-fun, DIY projects around the house so we can relax and love where we live even more” kinds of crazy.  Who knew it could take over 4 hours to paint an indoor banister??  Yes, life has been busy, but still really REALLY wonderful.

I can’t believe August is almost here.  This month flew by (as every month seems to do), but I’m happy to say that I did tackle most of my goals this month which is great in part to the fact I’ve decided to take a short hiatus from choosing 5 new goals each month.  If you enjoy goal making as much as me, though, you’ll be happy to know that my reason for taking a break from the monthly goals is so I can dive straight into a list of 27 goals I hope to accomplish while I’m 27. I’ll be sharing that list next month, but for now I’ll just say that my 27 goals are a bit ambitious, but totally do-able and exciting- isn’t that how goals should be anyways?  Let’s make this August a good one, shall we?


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