Happy Mail

Happy Mail CoverLet me go ahead and state the obvious right now that happy mail is awesome!  What is happy mail?  My definition of happy mail is any kind of mail that is going to brighten someone’s day- a card, cookies for a neighbor, flowers for a coworker- something that gets delivered an makes someone’s day a little happier.  It’s thoughtful, right?  We all want to feel appreciated.  We all like to receive reminders that someone’s thinking of us and we are loved.  In a world that gets more and more fast paced every minute, we seem to sometimes forget to do those things.  I know I’m guilty of that!Happy Mail 3

So, I added the goal of sending out some happy mail to my July goals list.  It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for awhile but always took the backburner.  This month I finally made it happen. Happy mail sent and delivered!

It was fun brainstorming ideas of what to send out.  I ended up going with a Starbucks gift card.  It was my way of buying 5 people I love a cup of coffee :-)  Very simple- it didn’t cost a lot of money and it wasn’t hard to assemble the little packages.  It did take time to put everything together, but that’s kind of the point- spending time to make something special for someone special. Happy Mail 5Happy Mail 6Happy Mail 1It’s cliche to say, but so very true- giving a gift to another is also like giving a gift to yourself.  I was so happy to put these little envelopes in the mail.  It really is happy mail . . . for the giver and the receiver!


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