Completed D.C. Daybook

Hello and happy Monday!  Today I’m here to share my completed Washington D.C. Daybook.  If you remember several weeks ago when I shared the cover you might notice that the size of the book has changed.  After assessing all of the tickets and brochures I had collected from the trip, I realized that it would make a lot more sense to work with a larger format.  I’m so happy I made the switch!  I decided to use this simple format for my book. The cover of the original book fit perfectly onto this book, so I didn’t have to create a new one.  I like how it ended up looking like a simple banner.  It was difficult to narrow down what photos I wanted to include, but I think this selection tells a really good story.

IMG_4430 IMG_4431 IMG_4432 IMG_4433 IMG_4434 IMG_4435 IMG_4437 IMG_4438 IMG_4439 IMG_4440 IMG_4441 IMG_4442

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