Wandering Adventures on Balboa Island


Balboa IslandLast Sunday Omar and I took a little day trip to Balboa Island.  We had thought about going down for the 4th of July, but we didn’t know if we would have any luck even getting on the island with the large crowds, so we opted for an Angels baseball game with finale fireworks (a pretty awesome replacement :-) and headed out to Balboa a couple days later.  It was great impromptu adventure!  The island was still decorated for the 4th so we were able to continue the long weekend festivities.  CandlesBalboa 2 Balboa Candy Shop

I had explored the side of Balboa that has the ferris wheel and arcade when I was in my young teens, but I had never walked through all the little shops on the other side- I didn’t even know they were there!  Each shop is incredibly charming in its own way and I loved seeing all of the unique handmade crafts.  We picked out a hand dipped blood orange scented candle at a little candle shop, and  yes, that is me stocking up on some delicious saltwater taffy in the photo above.  Candles and candies- this girl has her priorities in order ;-) Boats

After venturing through the shops for awhile we walked along the water and then headed to Newport (just a couple miles away) for some delicious Italian Food at Mama D’s Italian Kitchen.  Man that place has some crazy good pasta!  It was the perfect finale to some afternoon wandering :-)Food

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