2014 Project Life- Weeks 23-24

PL_Week 23

Yay for dual page Project Life spreads! For the last two weeks I have embraced the 8 extra plastic pockets and moved beyond the single page layout. So, why the change? Planning. I’m such a huge fan of planning in my everyday life, but for some reason I always skipped a planning step when it came to putting my PL spreads together.  I’d jump straight to printing photos and skip over planning out where they would go along with my journaling cards and other bits and pieces I’d want to include.  So, this time around I mapped things out with post-it notes by writing down what I wanted to include in each pocket and then sticking that note on the proper pocket.  Not exactly rocket science here, but it worked and really sped up the process of putting the layouts together.
PL_Week 23_Page 1 closeupPL_Week 23 (page 1)

Week 23 was the week of my half marathon and a fun little bowling outing (amazingly, both events took place on the same day! lol)  I knew I wanted to create a little visual diagram to go along with my thoughts about the race, so I made a pie chart to highlight some of the things I enjoyed about the race. It also added a nice pop of color to the journaling card.PL_Week 23_Page 2 CloseupPL_Week 23_Page 2   PL_Week 24 PL_Week 24_Page 1 CloseupPL_Week 24_Page 1
PL_Week 24_Page 2 CloseupPL_Week 24_Page 2
Week 24 had Father’s Day weekend in it, and it was also the week we left for D.C.  I wanted to include a spread that was solely about the flight because honestly, that was one looooong flight!

I’m really happy with my new “mapping out” method.  I’m going to continue to use this strategy and hope that it will result in even more 2-page spreads!



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