Summer Daybook Tutorial


Happy 4th of July friends! I’m super excited to be sharing this tutorial on the blog today in celebration of this special holiday.  To me, the fourth of July doesn’t just mark a really important day in our country’s history, it also marks the beginning of Summer (for me).  The festivities of this special day make it feel like we’re not only celebrating a holiday, but also some kind of summer kickoff.   So of course some photos from this special day are going to be the very first photos I put into this daybook.  If you’re curious about how to document your summer in a fun way, then this book is totally for you.  I’ll be stopping by a couple times this summer to share ideas and tips from how I’m filling up my daybook, but for now I hope you can grab a lemonade and some supplies, and join me in putting this booklet together!  Summer Daybook 1

I feel like a really good size for a daybook is a half sheet of paper (8.5 x 5.5).  You can of course make your book bigger or smaller, but I’ve found that for me this is a decent size for photos and journaling. Here, I took an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of kraft cardstock and folded it in half.  This will be the cover that holds everything together.
Summer Daybook 2

Next, I took some patterned papers of different sizes, a piece of tracing paper, and half of a coffee filter to use as my inserts.  I really like using papers with different textures and sizes throughout the book because it adds a lot of interest. One thing to keep in mind as you’re selecting your papers is that you’ll be utilizing both sides of the paper.  Unless you want a white page in your book (which is sometimes great!)  then you should try to stick with double-sided patterned paper.
Summer Daybook 3Next, I fold all of my papers in half.  I fold some directly down the center, and others I like to off center so not all of the pages are the same size.  Like the textured paper, this is just another way to add more interest to the book :-)

Summer Daybook 4

Once I have my papers cut to the size I want, I get to arrange them in a way that looks good to me.  Summer Daybook 5Summer Daybook 6

Next, I use my crop-a-dile to cut two small holes on either side of my cover seam.  When I don’t have a lot of pages in my book I like to use the small punch.  It’s harder to get the string through the holes, but the book seems to have a tighter fit so the pages don’t move around very much. Summer Daybook 7

Next, I tie my my pages together!
Summer Daybook 8Summer Daybook 9

Summer Daybook CoverSummer Daybook back cover

Finally it’s time to decorate the book covers! For my covers I wrapped a piece of patterned paper all the way around and embellished the front with some chipboard alphas, die cuts and washi tape.  Simple and fun . . . just how summer should be! Summer Daybook Inside

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