July 2014 Goals

July Goals

I’ve found that making monthly goals is a great way to kick off the beginning of each month.  It’s kind of like setting New Year’s resolutions, but without the overwhelming commitment of sticking with them for a full year.  I’ve found that some goals have created new healthy and happy habits for me, while others haven’t quite come to fruition.  Although I don’t always achieve all 5 goals, I do revisit them throughout the month and at least give them thought . . . and sometimes tackle them the next month, when it feels right.  If you have monthly goals you’re trying to achieve, I’d love to hear them!

Here’s what I’ve listed for July . . .

Keep a food diary: I’ve never really kept a food diary before (actually, I have but it usually only lasts for a few days and then I’m done lol).  This month I want to be really intentional about what I eat, whether it’s really healthy or a special (not so healthy) treat.  The goal is to not feel guilty about anything I decide to eat, but to just be more aware and make myself accountable for everything I’m putting in my body.  This is definitely not about counting calories.

 Send out happy mail: I love receiving happy mail!  Normally, my happy mail comes in the form of a birthday cards, but I’ll take any happy mail I can get! This month I’m going to send out happy “just because” mail to at least a few people- hopefully more!

Work on a 27 while 27 list: Guys, it’s my 27th birthday next month! Eeeeps! Time to state 27 goals for next year.

Organize Photos: For the last 4-5 years, I have not been organizing my photos in a consistent way (gasp).  My iPhoto library is chaos.  I’ve come to realize that my photo disorganization is significantly slowing my workflow down.  This month I’m going to discover a system that will work best for me and then start looking through old photos.

Relax: It’s summer after all.  I’m going to be incredibly busy at work in July, so I’m going to cut myself some extra weekend slack.  After all, the world will not collapse if I tackle the laundry a day late.

Happy July! Hope your month is off to a great start!


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