Washington D.C.

Exploring Washington D.CHappy Friday! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that for part of last week and part of this week Omar and I were in Washington D.C.  I was there for a conference, but we both had some time to explore the city, which was an awesome bonus! After filtering through MANY photos from 3 different cameras, I selected a few of my favorite shots to share here today  D.C.2D.C. 11D.CD.C. 7D.C 3D.C. 13D.C 4D.C. 6D.C.1D.C. 9 D.C 5D.C. 10D.C. 12There’s something so special about D.C. -maybe the fact that everywhere you look there is a big piece of history, or the fact that learning about the United States is so inviting with all of the museums that are free to the public.  One things for sure, we had a blast!  I left with sore feet, but a very happy heart :-)

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