DIY: 5 Minute Pocket Envelopes

5 minute pocket envelopes 1 Spoiler alert, this envelope actually only takes about 2 minutes to make, but if you get distracted selecting accent paper, stamps, etc. that you want to decorate with (like I always do!) then you might spend about 5 minutes per envelope.  I love how multipurpose these envelopes are-  I’ve made square-ish versions to hold mixed cds, made small ones to hold gift cards, and of course made custom sizes for my mini books so I can stuff little tickets/receipts or anything else inside while I’m traveling.   Here’s how I make them!5 min pocket (2)1) I cut my cardstock down to size. To determine the size I need, I measure my mini album/CD/whatever else I’m wanting to put inside and then double the length measurement (because I’ll be folding the paper in half) and add one inch to the width (so I’ll have 1/2″ flaps on the sides).  5 minute pockets (3) 5 minute pocket (5)2) I score the cardstock in the middle (lengthwise) and at the 1/2″ marks on the sides (width-wise). 5 min pocket (6)3) I cut out little triangles on all the edges and at the mid-point of the envelope, as seen in the photo above.  These cuts make the folding easier and also give a more “polished” look after everything has been adhered together. 5 minute pocket sleeve (7) 5 minute pocket (8)4) I fold along my creases and then add a strong adhesive to the side flaps that will be joining each other 5 minute pocket (9)5) I cut slits at the top corners of the envelope (as seen above) so I can fold a little flap down.  

5 minute pocket (11)6) I then trim off the edges of the flap at an angle (see above)

(12)7) I then like to cut a little piece of patterned paper to slip into the envelope so it peeks out of the front.  

8) Embellish however you’d like :-)

(13) (15) (16)And if you’re using this pocket for a mini-album, like I did for the project above, then you can simply punch your holes in the side and you’re good to go!


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