My Summer Essentials

Summer EssentialsI’m going to start this post with a bit of a downer disclaimer-  Summer is not my favorite season.  I know . . . saying that is almost inexcusable coming from a SoCal girl, but if you look like a tomato after being in the sun for 15 minutes, and are prone to migraines with the constant 90+ temperatures, you may begin to understand (or at least think I’m not quite as crazy).  I will admit though that Summer has started to grow on me over the years.  There are certain things that I’ve come to love about Summer and there’s just something about pulling out my favorite seasonal products that gets me excited for the upcoming months.  So, I thought I’d take a few minutes to share some of my Summer essentials.  Some of these things I own, some are on my shopping list, and some are on my “I really want this but probably don’t need it, so I’ll re-evaluate next summer” list.

1. Summer is probably my least favorite time of year to wear makeup, so sometimes I just like to add a pop of color to my lips and nothing else.  A balm stain like this is moisturizing and adds color for a long period of time!

2.  I love to lather up with this sunscreen because it not only gives me good protection, but it also smells amazing!  I also love using this after spending a day in the sun.

3. Hoping to get my hands on this maxi sometime this summer!

4. For when the sun goes down at the beach or if I find myself sitting in a freezing air conditioned restaurant wearing a dress, I like to have a scarf on hand to warm myself up.  Love this one that I found on Etsy.

5. This is the best water bottle I’ve ever owned.  Because it’s a glass bottle, it’s obviously more heavy.  However, I love that my water never tastes like plastic.

6. This little gadget might be fun and convenient to have on the desk . . . plus, it’s pretty darn cute!

7. I always need a good book for summer lounging.  This one has been added to my must-read list.

8. I really love body scrubs, which make the skin look glowing and feel super soft- perfect for the summer.

What are your summer must haves?


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