Carry On Must-Haves

Carry On Must HavesI know it may seem a little odd, but I’m always so interested to see what other people carry in their bags/purses/carry ons.  In most cases, that little travel bag is carrying someone’s essentials, and it’s fun to sometimes see what people have as their essentials.  So, today, in celebration of leaving for Washington D.C. I thought it would be fun to share what I like to have in my carry on.  My first little group of items are the crafting tools I like to travel with and the second little group is everything essentialscarryon essentials 2

Yup, pretty much the basics, but I really don’t like to carry a bunch of things because it’s more to keep track of and more to dig through to find what I really need. So I’ve learned to keep it simple!

I won’t be around blogland for about a week (although I do have posts set up to run while I’m away), but I’ll definitely be on Instagram.  See you there :-)

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