Textured Dual Canvas Painting

Dual CanvasPainting has had a bit of a snowball effect on me.  Only two months ago I was incredibly timid to put paint to canvas.  Now I can’t help but stop by the painting aisles whenever I go to Michaels and think about what I might create on a new blank canvas. Recently I bought another 2-pack of canvases for $10, and also invested in some better acrylic paints and an acrylic medium to add texture.  Can I just say that I’m completely in love with the acrylic mediums and am super tempted to purchase a gel mediums sampler like this very soon!Painting 2

I remember O mentioning when we first started dating how much he liked dual canvas (or multiple canvas) paintings.  I have to agree.  The effect of the eye moving seamlessly from one canvas to the next is pretty interesting.  I love how the space is broken up yet the eyes can easily connect the dots as if the separation doesn’t even exist.  So, this is my take on the dual canvas painting. I chose to paint a piece of a tree, because in my mind the most beautiful trees are the ones that have branches that never seem to end.  Ones that would be incredibly difficult to fit on a canvas because they are just too large and glorious.  So here, I just wanted to focus on a piece of the tree, and give a closeup look at the leaves.  In a way, it’s kind of a cross between abstract and realistic.  You can tell it’s a tree, but I focused more on creating texture on the leaves than making them look realistic.  My goal with this project was to play around with texture, so I’m really pleased that it ended up being my favorite part about this painting!Tree 3

Supplies//Galeria acrylic in Mars Black, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, and Titanium White; Golden Heavy Gel (Matte)

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