Heading to Washington D.C. (+ mini album cover)

Away we go!We’re heading out of state and over to the east coast next week.  We’ll only be spending 5 short days in D.C. but needless to say, I am still super excited.  I first visited D.C. in 2011 and absolutely fell in love with the city.  There were a lot of firsts for me on that trip- my first time on an airplane, first trip out of state by myself, and first time exploring a big city solo.  I had a blast!  People are super friendly, public transportation is easy, and there’s so much to explore (and a lot of it is free, so that’s an added bonus)! This time I have something else to look forward to- the fact that O is coming along!  Nothing better than going on adventures with this guy :-)

Originally we thought we might have enough time to take a side trip to NY for a couple of days, but after planning everything out we decided we would enjoy the trip more if we could soak up as much of D.C. in 5 days (instead of “doing it all”)  and save NY for another time, especially since my first 2 days will be spent at a conference for work.

I’ve been busy getting some great posts scheduled for the days that I’ll be away, but this project of creating a little journal to collect photos, tickets, and other ephemera was at the top of my priority list.  Today I’d like to share how my book cover came together . . . I’m saving the other pages until after the trip has happened ;-)

I decided to go with a simple 4×6 format in which I simply cut 6×6″ paper down to size and then bound the pages together using ring clasps.  This is kind of my go-to format for creating a journal.  There are so many options out there for day books/journals, but in the end I find this is what really works for me 95% of the time.  The size is small enough that I can carry it in my purse, but big enough to display standard size photos.  Having the rings to bind the book makes it easy to add more pages if necessary.

Cover 1 Cover 2 Cover 3 Cover 4 Cover 5Since I’ll be carrying this book around I wanted to make sure I didn’t add too many stickers or other bits and pieces that might fall off.  I kept everything 2-dimensional except for the foam stickers (and believe me, it takes a lot to get those to budge!)

Thanks for letting me share :-)

Supplies//We R Memory Keepers 6×6″ paper pack; black foam stickers; Amy Tangerine stamp

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