2014 Project Life: Weeks 21-22

Week 21:

Week 21 CloseupWhat Happened: We took a day trip to Solvang, CA, celebrated my Mom’s birthday, and spent part of the week in Los Angeles so I could attend a conference.  The trip to L.A. actually ended up being a happy little impromptu adventure.  On Thursday morning, O went to work as usual, but since I had the conference, we got to drive to LA together and spend the night out there.  We tried a new restaurant, which to be honest, was kind of overpriced and the food was just okay, but the inside decor was awesome! We followed that up by heading down to Manhattan Beach for some ice cream while enjoying the sunset.  On our drive home from LA on Friday we saw Maleficent . . . loved it! (well . . . me, not O ;-)Week 21 Full

Techniques Used: I used a 6×6 paper pad for my patterned 4×6 inserts and after cutting them down to size, I cut them diagonally to mis-match the patterns, and then joined the two papers using washi tapes.  It created a pretty fun effect.  I also used a small envelope in the bottom right hand corner to hold a movie ticket stub and the key card to our hotel room in LA (which had a pretty cool design).  I wanted to use that so I’d also have some extra room to put on my coffee cup sleeve with the Oprah Winfrey quote.  I had just enough room- love when that happens!

Week 21 TopWeek 21 Bottom

Week 22:

Week 22 CloseupWhat Happened:  Other than going to a quinceanera on the weekend, the week was pretty simple . . . did some reading, worked on some projects, and tried to prepare mentally for running another half marathon.  Actually, another thing did happen this week . . . I epically failed at taking any photos- argh! Week 22 Full

Techniques Used:  Since I didn’t have a lot of photos from this week, I got to play around with some patterns, words, stickers, etc., which ended up not being a bad thing.  I used the same triangular cut for my journaling section, which I’m finding is my new favorite technique for breaking up a larger space. Other than that I kept things really simple by just adding to already made PL cards.  Week 22 TopWeek 22 Bottom

General Thoughts:  I’ve found that when I’ve taken more pictures throughout the week, I have a more enjoyable time creating the layout.  The photos tell the story and everything else pretty much follows.  Without a lot of photos, I hit a kind of mental block for a minute . . . it’s more difficult to journal and I feel like I’m adding filler, which I always try to avoid.  The lack of photos made for an interesting challenge working with Week 22, but I’m still happy I decided to do a layout for that week because in the end I feel like it does have it’s place.  In the future when I’m looking back through my albums I won’t have that missing piece :-)


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