Road Trip Mini Book

Solvang Road Trip CoverLast weekend O and I had planned to head out to Santa Barbara for the weekend to enjoy some out-of-town sunshine.  It was a good plan, but as these things sometimes go, life got crazy and we kept pushing off booking the hotel! When we tried to make a reservation the night before leaving . . . well, let’s just say that we’re not the only people that like to vacation on 3 day weekends ;-)

So, we scrapped that plan and decided to just take a day trip driving up to Solvang, CA.  I have gone a few times with my family, but O had never been, so we figured that we could still enjoy some delicious danish pastries while walking around a charming city- yay for an alternate plan! :-)

It was a really wonderful day.  Our first stop was in Camarillo to visit the premium outlets where we shopped like we’ve never shopped before lol.  We didn’t buy a lot of stuff, but I’m pretty sure we walked through more stores than we ever have in a single day before. In the last several months our most frequently visited retail store has been Home Depot.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy picking up plants and sprinkler system replacements, but sometimes it’s nice to treat myself to a new handbag :-) Once we finished shopping, we headed to a nearby In-N-Out where we shared a table with an elderly couple (In-N-Outs get so packed!) and they were nice enough to share some ideas for fun things to do on the way to Solvang.  We didn’t have enough time to do them on that trip, but it’s definitely in my head for the next time we head out that way.

By the time we reached Solvang the sun was about ready to set, so everything looked exceptionally beautiful.  We walked through a few shops (we were pretty shopped out at that point lol) but spent most of our time eating aebleskivers and stopping for random photo shoots.

In reality, we didn’t need to have a long weekend to enjoy this trip.  It was just one day adventure, and it was perfect.  I loved heading out in the morning, having a full day of adventures, but then sleeping in my own bed that night.  I’m keeping day trips on my radar for many future adventures!

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