June 2014 Goals

June 2014 Goals

1) Create a new running playlist- It’s been awhile since I put a playlist together so I’m making it a goal for this month because I’d really like to have it ready this week’s half marathon.  New music is always a good idea.

2) Organize office- I’ve started rearranging things, but I know that organization and cleanup of this space is way overdue.

3) Organize kitchen pantry- Our pantry isn’t all that messy, but there’s definitely room for improvement.  I foresee more baskets and containers in our pantry’s future.

4) Prepare to open an Etsy shop- I’m hoping to be bold and get my Etsy shop up and running this summer.  First, I need to do a little more research and have a solid plan in place, so that’s my goal for this month.

5)  Read more- Sometimes I get sucked into the online world for hours at a time, and it’s not always productive.  This month I’d like to set more time aside to take myself offline and open a book.

What will be your goals for this month?  What are you looking forward to in the next 30 days?


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